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    how about not asking for stupid shit like this and rather let the devs work on performance issues etc
  2. Best way to make money on the server is deffo joining Blackwater
  3. Happy birthday to @crazed 

    @Wanderer any birthday gifts ?

  4. I am going to add something here again. when you are on as admin and someone is breaking NLR the admin gets this box saying Feks. is breaking NLR make that box red and make it say you killed Feks instead for cops/rebels when you are in a redzone/capzone
  5. why are you bumping thi shit Otto Jag skal døda deg og din mamma
  6. If you know you know https://gyazo.com/428c726019b67c1a795e916330f7f105
  7. i say you cant beat battlefield bad company 2 and or battlefield 3.
  8. The one on oly or assylum is pretty sick, i dont know shit about scripts etc so idk how hard it would be to do this.
  9. i say take the 2018 missionfile and slap it on to the server
  10. 0lav


    TacticalFotballClub has entered
  11. absolute beast this TFU Burrows person
  12. these are absolutely worthless
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