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  1. Just by speculation it might be the downed script?
  2. Glad to have an insight to where my monthly £10 go towards! Hopefully with the Teamspeak 5 release you can cut that cost out, i myself have paid for all these once and arma 3 is probably the most expensive game to host "good" so to say.
  3. Barry

    Fix Loadouts for cops

    i mean i made a pure PC loadout (mk20, tazer, cop uniform, carrier lite, carry-all bp etc) and to this day (SGT) i still cant pull it out, i didnt even have RP tiers then.
  4. Barry

    Ifrit cut/chut

    Whats the point of that then everyone will be rockin ifrits.
  5. Lies, you shoot anything that has a gun, you are taking the whole all armed rebels in the area to a whole new dimension. Also, the legends say hes still saying Phiillllllll!!!
  6. He's not the hero we deserve, he's the hero we need.
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