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  1. Theo Wright

    @Proximity @Charlie Thomas My BTAG is Theodoshus#2806 add me up
  2. Theo Wright

    lmao. Yes mate, I'm fully enjoying all the new content - good for PvP and PvE - I would get ahead before the raid comes out September 5th! You can get to 120 in about 18 hours and then do some pretty fun stuff to gear up + get azerite level. I think the azerite armour system is actually pretty rewarding
  3. Theo Wright

    Drop a message down below if you want to try World of Warcraft or already do and play Alliance; need some more people to power through BFA content ez mode and chill. if you play horde nobody cares, please leave this thread thanks.
  4. Theo Wright

  5. Theo Wright

    Yeah I guess having content is something unfamiliar to you
  6. Theo Wright

    what in the fuck did i just watch
  7. Live! TI VS Tenacity - 24 hours starts NOW!


  8. Theo Wright

    I have been receiving messages from others even after the problem was reported, working with staff to find out what it is
  9. Typhon VS TI @ 19:00 BST! Promotional post soon, 24 hour stream starting then instead of 11BST.

    1. bazzy xd

      bazzy xd

      ez win zzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. Theo Wright

    This is strange, I'll let you know why this is once I hear from the admins. In the mean time you can contact me through [email protected]
  11. Theo Wright

    I've been receiving messages from others, why can't you send messages? @Jimmy Jarvis
  12. Support on the streams have been overwhelming! 24 hour stream starting at 7BST tonight, if your gang would like to fight any time this week (up to Sunday) please read this post:


  13. Here is the information you need before competing in Gang Wars Live: Before anything, please make sure to read the rules of gang wars live it makes the whole process run a hell of a lot smoother if all are competent with the rules and it avoids any disqualifications of teams mid game: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KDfPYgxbQ_o6uf7qukuN7E1CTBkWbSz2su9m8zh-Ww8 DM me on the forums once you have agreed on a match between yourself and another gang, this can be either an 8v8 or 6v6 match but either way, both teams must have a minimum of 2 subs each. For example: If you are the leader of gang 'X' and want to fight gang 'Y' then go to speak to gang 'Y' and once you have sorted out between yourselves an 8v8 / 6v6 roster with 2 subs each then message me on the forums and say "My gang 'X' would like to fight gang 'Y' and we have agreed on this between us”. I will then reply asking for rosters and providing times that I have available for fights to happen and seeing which ones are best. I do not usually pair teams up together but if you are struggleing to find a gang to fight please let me know your gang is looking for an opposition and I will try my best to pair you. It is very important that only one person is designated to message me and relay information to avoid confusion. Thank you for reading, if you didn’t understand any of the information above feel free to message me on the forums / in TeamSpeak with any questions. Once again, thank you all for the overwhelming amount of support you guys give to the stream and I truly appreciate all of you in the chat, following, donating and subscribing - it means a hell of a lot. All Gang Wars Live Fights will be streamed exclusively on twitch.tv/theodoshus217 If you are unable to contact me through forum messages please contact me via [email protected]
  14. Theo Wright

    THERE WILL ALSO BE A MATCH AT 18:00 VERTIGO AND TYPHON ROSTERS BELOW TYPHON: Juicy, Jazz, Mad, Brett, Flix, Brian, RESERVES: Ross VERTIGO: Benny, Bobby, Humzah, JohnnyMac, Jim Jam, B0L7 RESERVES: ADAM, J4Y
  15. Theo Wright

    By understanding what the event is before you sign up for it, there are plenty of vods of which I have advertised. @Fury So far the people that have messaged me completely understood this very basic process.

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