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  1. N1 Babby, Swidish Meatball.
  2. I have to go off at 7 please come on now so you can receive your money.
  3. Can you come on the server and ill give you the 1.1 mil and we can talk about the ifrit later
  4. I'm paying comp so why would i be punished?
  5. @IamMrSmith I will comp you for your loadout, if you send me proof for the cost and then PM me with all the proof in ts3 ill send ya the comp, ill also send ya the 600k from what you had in your hand.
  6. +1 Because we just find brad with his mk-1 with a suppressor and its just not fun because its a combat zone and hes just fucking siting on a hill. @Gordonnn | @Winters. | @Filip. | @Ryan. | @Abdullah Harees
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