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  1. Hey mate! Looks like you’re becoming a bit of a roleplay celebrity! Hope you still remember when I montaged you getting ripped out of a quilin whilst god moded!

    1. DylNN


      yeah i was humbled just blessed to be featured in a renowned icons video

  2. Name: JoeS Age: 19 Country: Brighton Hours on Arma 3: (Provide Screenshot) 765 Reason for joining:Andrew fam commented on this post so you must be good players Previous gangs: Sinity Vouches: I don’t have any discount codes but I will show you how to unlock your dlcs
  3. -Hours played on Arma (Must be 200+) 198, will afk for the extra 2 -Current or previous gang you was associated with: Altis Fuel Exporters LTD -Reasoning for joining Ultor: Looking for some serious Roleplay and real players -Age (Must be 18+) 18 -Do you speak clear and understandable English ? Yes sort of -Your Discord name and #: AndreW#8251
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