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  1. great montage my man! keep it up hopefully u can show me how to use an awp as good as u one day
  2. Name - Ripped Hours - 1.5k Age - 16 Previous Gangs - Cypher , Eternal Any vouches? - Filip and yorkshire
  3. not saying that i just know the game inside out lol calm it
  4. Accepted you will be on a strict trial for a week ill pm discord as you are unknown to us
  5. might download tonight or something try my placements ill msg on discord if i do tho
  6. yea ive not played much pc but High plat 2 on xbox
  7. what rank are u might come play some time?
  8. -=Requirements=- 1.5K Hours (Exceptions Can Be Made) A Stable Bank Account Knowledge Of Cartels/Callouts Must Speak English/ Have a mic Application Name Hours (Screenshot) Bank Balance Previous Gangs? Any Vouches Roster: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1d9Jl_QSYT_EJ-NHtwjB-zS1JEUTcVyKHYFUqfzTkpeY/edit#gid=0 Once Accepted We Will PM Discord Apps can be accepted via Me Or MartineZ
  9. yea ik i kinda editted it wrong couldve not made them look like singles
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