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  1. MG2? you're bad then! when u get DMG hmu and i'll carry u to LEM
  2. Cuz they legit don't ask him where he's from lmao
  3. This turned into a complete argument about pfp's instead of being a recruitment page lmao
  4. Why would u even have a base if you didn't work for it? we could've took the base by ourselves, they said they would help. oh yeah and the next time you call us element rejects, WE made you so stop being a complete idiot and go outside, 8k hours on a game yikers
  5. nah, the hacker got killed, but they only got hold of the base after hacker killed everyone on the server bcs they spawned there and we had to spawn 2km out lmao
  6. They don't have a gang with their name, they just created a gang application page with the name bcs they were changing it
  7. @Winters. Stop talking mad trash. base was ours all the time, you just joined our gangs after we had it, we left your gang as you're all toxic kids and you gave everyone headaches and went for it now with the gang that should've kept it the entire time. you don't deserve a base u didn't work for.
  8. P4nDa

    Onnit Dotty Report

    you are not wrong, he will comp you, he's just not at home rn
  9. P4nDa

    Onnit Dotty Report

    Just wanted to point out that in your video you can clearly see his main rotor taps that pole and that's why the heli lands on you and blows up...
  10. it changed to JID feels good to know someone that rlly likes posty aswell 😛
  11. Ty clark, ly mister curry muncher
  12. i'm sorry habibi, you are very good at the game 😛
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