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  1. Dont know about this one chief
  2. not bad for your first fraggy just dont put every clip you get in and put things like double kills, triple kills, ifrit rips things like that
  3. how do we know you wont snake us for anything
  4. ngl made me do a fortnite dance
  5. Clark

    Reborn 3

    you hate him wdym aha
  6. Clark

    OK OK Report

    Shame you cut out the part where you said this: https://streamable.com/dgd5l1 Turn on audio on the streamable
  7. @CordingMedal you've got some competition here lad
  8. I too want my pc to blow up
  9. Clark

    BW Hellcat

    @CordingMedal I bet this was you, cant even fix their unit more or less their pilots
  10. A certain somalian got himself banned and we had to make a new gang
  11. We have lost one of our comrades, @Colonel.JoeW was lost today, you fought with bravery and thank god we dont have to play with you this gang wars.
  12. Clark

    Garage tour coming soon 👀

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