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  1. YaY

    Obito #1

    the last kill , yikes. N1
  2. FAKENEWS , this is just you and david in masks. you can tell the difference from this compared to my other diss tracks like the one linked below
  3. YaY

    Xing Chow

    In-game Name: Xing Chow Steam ID: 76561198271814391 Date of the incident: 08/10/20 Time of the incident: 23:30 Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: 980k Please provide as much detail as possible: died to bad d'sync. and then friend got vdm'd before he could strip me so the guys who vdm'd him stole cash Any Evidence Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PISf8rNx6OQ - DSYNC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-VcfjM3auA - ROBBED
  4. And people still wonder why they get d'synced , like when you behind the chow brothers stay far away
  5. i mean you cant pay attention at the road and the belta playing cant show that on live TV , only reason why.
  6. YaY


    n1 , but id turn that saturation up. makes the game look alot less depressing and easier to spot most things.
  7. Could be cool but when im probs -50mil or even worse would make me want to stop gambling , so yeah would be great so i can stop wasting my money
  8. YaY

    Ming Chow

    Which part , letting those criminals get away or the quicky round back of kav pd...
  9. YaY

    Ming Chow

    Numba 1 PC , has chlamydia but doesn't stop him from arresting those criminals
  10. YaY

    Cops play Rebel

    At times when there are less than 40-50 civs on cops should be able to play as rebel , as for the last few days at none peak times like 10am-4pm there has been like 20 cops on at times where their is like 20-30 civs on and its just quite boring.As there is no situations and when like every 30 mins there is a gas station like half the cops attend to one or two guys with smg's. I understand why the is a rule forbidding this but just for when there is not enough civs on and alot of cops I think their should be a exception made.
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