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  1. eh

    Edited by Crumbs
  2. He told me I could go in his submarine.
  3. may you be able to make a apple crumble on ur birthday have a goodone love xoox squid



  5. Happy Birthday Sir!

  6. Needs more trains
  7. Name: CrumbsSteam ID: 76561198094123944Number of tickets (100K Each): 30 Party (Floyd or McGregor): Mayweather
  8. Can whoever deals with this please PM me or grab me on TS first as this has already been dealt with by me as a police report.
  9. @Txm maxresdefault.jpg

  10. Bruv, quite clearly says 18+ U Mug
  11. Can i request a transfer from the Stratis division?
  12. I think community support Bradley has been working very hard on his attitude recently and has refrained from being racist 24/7 for a while now. Give this man a medal!

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