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    im just making a good point to your report so you could maby see it through his perspective
  2. Olav2

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    you know as well as me any normal human beeing would not go on about a conversation about what their favorite doritos flavor is and still doing it even tho the person your talking to is not interested, keep in mind that you are locked inside a car with handcuffs held as a hostage and same in the tower maby the propper roleplay would be to just hold your mouth closed or act like you acutally want to live instead of going on about how little your life is worth due to your rank within the police.
  3. Olav2

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    i mean i would say im the best roleplayer in the gang but a 2 week no guns is just a ban since no poit of going on server without 😮
  4. Olav2

    69246 Report

    Recently joined off a break so i have not been in for more than last thursday so i cannot see what happened between you and the other hennesy dudes but i can talk on my behalf here and say that i am sorry for my rulebreak wich i had no idea even was a rulebreak.
  5. Olav2

    69246 Report

    , im happy to comp tho
  6. Olav2

    69246 Report

    im pretty sure its me im here to resolve Unban me from ts and i can come talk
  7. In-game name: Olav - Teamspeak unban Steam ID: Zion/LIYkGfF/ysDCbSCbovA97w= Date of ban: 02/02/20 Reason for ban: I posted hentai in the reborn lobby thingy by mistake when i was going to post it in gang ts. Staff member that banned you: No idea Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: it was justified but now its a long time ago and i need to be able to join the ts to resolve/talk Why should we unban you? I am sorry that i posted a picture of a anime girl with a GIANT cock in the ts but it was on acsident and it will not happen again, and im sorry to the Admin that pressed it and had to see it it was a grusome sight that i dont wish uppon anyone but my gangmambers.
  8. Olav2

    mOE | RR#2

    Tell me how a black somali pirate can be banned for racism Nice one brother
  9. Olav2

    Vault autolockups

    +1 good idea would be really nice
  10. In game name: Olav Age: 17 Bank account balance: 35m Previous gangs: Requital, Ebic gamer guild Hours on Arma 3 *screenshot: https://gyazo.com/efd2afc01600903210e96ae14f43a13d Why do you want to join Hennessy? Have not played since requital disbanded so need a new gang and i see there is some familiar faces in here. Can any members vouch for you? Cazed Niko Edog Harry Fierce Abdul Bihi ? maby even Andrewfamily

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