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  1. Item: BlackWater Hellcat Proof of ownership: Buy now price: 50,000,000 Starting bid: 20,000,000 Minimum bid increment: 1,000,000 End date: 05/08/2020 @ 00:00 AM
  2. image.thumb.png.54a3c88f50f6f8c72307df5bfe218980.pngDoing Ifrit Sh*t

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    2. DevilShot


      pretty much yeah XD

    3. Mnsy.


      how fast did you store them after the screenshot

    4. DevilShot


      we used them XD


  3. DevilShot

    DevilShot Report

    I apologise if you didn't understand what was going on. Me and another officer where talking and I asked if he wanted a friendly gun fight to pass the time, (there was nothing else going on), we where initiated and I killed about 3 other officers before you where able to ping me from the hill, however you wasnt able to restrain me meaning I can still shoot back. "180" or "spin to win" doesn't come into play when you are in an active situation as it was.
  4. DevilShot

    DevilShot Report

    also id like to also mention that 180 doesnt come into play when in an active sit
  5. DevilShot

    DevilShot Report

    this incident happened over 24 hours ago, also this was a friendly gunfight that i set up with another cop because we where all bored. this hole sit was for a meme
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