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  1. this dude playing on a fucking potato
  2. SiloEMP

    Car vs PC

    The guy gets hit by a car going atleast 50km/h and its airborn, the first thing this hobo says "Are you Ok"
  3. Bruh Go to Around 47 seconds, my guy do be looking 2D on the hill He is one with the hill Also the previous video and random video bit at the end doesnt work, i wanted to watch some more
  4. pretty good tbh, in my opinion putting the green tall walls on the outside of the base would make it better in my opinion dont know what others thing, byt GJ man
  5. Fuck it i might as well Name: Silo Previous gangs: Illict and Vitality/paw patrol Hours on arma (Screenshot): 2350 Bank balance: 43 mil plus 20 ifrits and a bnch of other shit Why do you want to join Neandethals: i need a gang to play with on gang wars night and you guys seem pretty good from what i've heard vouchers: XetremeX maybe
  6. tbh if anything it will be looked at later cause thts what they do
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