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    What Nick said, but like Hartleo has said in the past, don't complain that you want access again once you're blacklisted.
  2. He got a point though
  3. Still one of the best clips out there 😏
  4. Welcome to Arma 3, if you're still struggling you can contact an Admin and attempt to restart but honestly I just recommend trying continuously to make more money. There's quite a few people that do fishing on the server so if you ever see them on whilst you're on, just ask them for help. If you ever need more money to do the actual run, you could try just making money by doing other things such as delivery missions to make a little bit more.
  5. It should just effect Housing and Garages, unless its been changed.
  6. He was Chief S&R 😂
  7. Its nice to know the gang wants to roleplay in the second clip
  8. Woomeister

    Olav going ham

    Taking one for the team by getting memed 😄
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