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  1. Yea why not add a no recoil skill and an autoaim too! Marking accurately is a skill in which you improve yourself over time by playing the game etc, having a skill point to completely disregard this is just silly.
  2. Fuck @Ryno they deleted the office and construction now where do we go

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. RyanH
    3. TempR


      kav square is a pretty good place i recommend ;)

    4. Reece


      Been there done that @TempR

  3. dont snipe you fat rat
  4. yes mctav happy birthday ting

  5. lmao your pic & title made me chuckle
  6. Why's it fucking black hmm? Any specific reason for it to be black?
  7. rofl
  8. heard hes pretty shit tbh
  9. kirky what the fuck
  10. Armed and ready!

  11. why does your game look like pubg on the xbox one
  12. dear people of altis if you havent heard of us we are the vanguard gimme tag @The Red Fez

    1. Sanik ߷

      Sanik ߷

      Welcome to syndicate 2.5

  13. did u just say mongraloids? @Scott McTavish get him gone immediately
  14. my fuckin ass hurts @Rynoxd

    1. majed


      Omg reece gws with your ass 

    2. Reece


      what can i say majed my ass hurts

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