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  1. @jcbjoe Update tommorow big doggo?!!!?
  2. Only person I've met who can make getting revived by a medic funny and actually tries to make the otherwise boring job a bit better @Shaky Steve
  3. Excellent choice, please keep in touch as I would love to hear your nan's bingo club feedback!
  4. Splendid! Let's hope she properly credits you (the rightful owner) and not steal your ad revenue!
  5. Very large frags indeed. Will be recommending to my nan to add to her youtube playlist. +1 like from me.
  6. shit frags
  7. First off this is a suggestion that legit just popped into my head and I thought of writing it down so somethings might seem stupid / need adjusting. To make people want to actually be a taxi driver I think it would be cool to make it so every 1m you drive you get $10 or every 10m you get 100$ whichever would be better to prevent lag. HOWEVER, the Taxi will be permanently capped at 120mph using Joe's speed limiter in order to prevent people from just using the car for their advantage and using it as a casual whip. Would be nice to also make it so when you are a "Taxi Driver" you must not do any illegal activities that involve shooting UNLESS you are using a legal firearm for self defence, that way rebels can't just use it as an easy slip into a gunfight (Make this a rule or something, that you cannot engage in illegal activities as a Taxi Driver unless you are giving someone a lift e.g to a rebel outpost or a processing location to regroup with their friends etc) I believe it should also be a rule that you cannot rob an on-duty Taxi Driver and if you do somehow manage to steal an abandoned Taxi and you are caught breaking any of the rules above you will face normal punishment. With the payment meter that is based on distance drove etc I think this would work well as it will increase the amount of people actually doing long distance drives. Let me know what you think, just off the top of my head really so I don't expect it to be perfect or everyone to agree with it :> I just can't be bothered to drive tbh
  8. @WolfE I will provide proof as I was in the ifrit with him, gimme a sec xx
  9. Sorry should have explained it better. I meant so after about 5-10 seconds it will fade out.
  10. Would it be possible to show a small XP bar at the bottom for when you earn XP? Aswell as saying +100 XP or whatever you get from doing the action? That way it makes it easier to monitor how much xp u have how much you need to earn etc.
  11. @Sanders clean it up B
  12. @Chadwick Happy birthday darling
  13. +1 as fuel said before easy to add no reason not to Wow rage I'll remember that one

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