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  1. Giving you a second chance for me to expose an admin cheater! 50 likes is all I require! Exposing with evidence!

    #admin #staff #corrupt #youwontbelieveit #ohnohedidit

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    2. Simsy


      @HenneAre you really that upset about dying all those times in a video game?

    3. Henne


      @Simsywhat?? lol?

    4. Neo


      @Paul Dhe lost his dispute so we still acommedate it 

  2. 7 likes on this status update and ill drop a list of cheaters on rebornroleplay

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    2. Freddie


      @.NoaThis ain't even close to an accusation I only post straight facts. 7 likes was for the ball to get rolling. This list contains way more then 7 cheaters. 

    3. Banjo_Jo


      All this drama for some virtual profile likes? oof

      Yo habibi,plis dont expose my RP Tier 5 cheats.


    4. Girraffe


      7 likes on this status update and ill drop a list of cheaters on rebornroleplay not gonna lie u said for 7 u would drop a list not 1 so drop the list XD

  3. Free my man @[m]rko

  4. Charlie Thomas you have probably made the worst argument against hosting one I have ever seen. But great responses from the admin team just saying, "roleplay", "make one yourself" and "-1 not roleplay".
  5. In-game name: KFC LATA BICH Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Cinnamon Wilson Date of the incident: 05/09/19 Time of the incident: 19:50 What rule do you believe was broken: Combat Log Any evidence available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvYY9ih-53k&feature=youtu.be His loadout at the time: https://i.gyazo.com/eb32877d9b7435855167d03cce807eaf.png Describe the incident: Shot him and he combat logged with an asp. He left the teamspeak just after he logged out ingame and when his friends called him to teamspeak and informed him about us wanting to solve he never showed up. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  6. Selling: 9x 7.62 10+ LRPS
  7. Freddie

    KFC Wrench

    In-game Name: KFC Wrench Steam ID: 76561198013102858 Date of the incident: 04/28/19 Time of the incident: 22:30pm Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: 3x LRPS 5x AMS 1x 6.5 Stealth Suppressor 3x DMS 1x 6.5 Suppressor ADR - Carrier Rig loadout Looked through the auction house and lrps seems to be valued at around 250k each. Total loadout is around 1.5-2m I think. CSI DANIEL told me to post it here since the value was to high to comp without a compensation request! Please provide as much detail as possible: Hacker stripped everyone on the server and then killed everyone. Any Evidence Available:
  8. Would not be fair for other people on the server
  9. You might better know us as KFC. Best gang on the server!
  10. I believe enough have been said on this post just get staff to deal with it. And you have provided a 25sec video as evidence.
  11. Anyone selling a mar10 or cyrus? Holla at me!

  12. I will buy it from you for 700k since you only got 2 mags.
  13. Love when the guy crying is the one being toxic. How can you possibly be annoyed about a poop emoji?

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