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  1. Abdul_

    So.. probably wont get this finished now i'm infistar banned the song is a bit "unusual?" but pls no remove, besides there are monatges saying "n word dis n word dat" surely theres nothing wrong with a meme song about gay cowboys? its not really offensive ;3
  2. Abdul_

    he prob died 5 mins later like every other kill, aha
  3. Abdul_

    But nothing could possibly be done!! I’ve seen less shit in the Sewers ahah xxxx ;3 ❤️ @Joshhsorry for dissing your work place / home xx 😭😭🙈 160-165, any higher than that the game looks like a shit bucket with food Colouring in aha
  4. I hope you choke on your gook food!
  5. Abdul_

    Might wanna drop the price a little, fair enough you can’t buy them but your buy it now is a similar / more than a mk200 is worth. Just a thought oxo
  6. Abdul_

    Ight, lemme know as I’ll buy it for a mill if it comes with at least 1-2 mags, kinda pointless without em aha
  7. On my way home from college, be about 30-40 lad
  8. I’ll buy them both and all the mags for 2.5m?
  9. Abdul_

    Have you got any mags?
  10. Abdul_

    Need to check my bank before I bid on any more shit, I’ll rebid when I know for sure I got enough paper my drilla
  11. Abdul_

    ???? the suggestion is to reduce the max times and there’s a small discussion on reworking the wanted values, this isn’t a pcc with no video or something? ????
  12. Abdul_

    The wanted prices should be reworked but should be a lot leaner than in real life as it don’t make sense to jail someone on altis, a game long times like the police would irl. In terms of role play, murder would be considered to be one of the worst crimes so it makes sense, however players should definitely not get jailed 40-60 for simply playing a game and doing their roles as a rebel, which is what gives police things to do in the first place. -re work wanted prices (e.g 5 minders is 7mins providing the rebel is role playing with the cop)(10 lockpicking a vehicle is 5mins or something like that) -decrease the max time to 40 minutes (max being like wanted for 750k, as this isn’t hard to get to considering you can be in a redzone for half an hour and kill say 10 people) it makes sense as it makes no difference to the cops at all, not even their role play experience but also because players time aren’t simply wasted due to only playing the server in the first place.. At the moment it is simply ridiculous.
  13. Abdul_

    Exactly my point and I don’t see how hard it is for people tp grasp? maybe we need to start giving cops 4 hour plane journeys so they can realise doing nothing when you want to play a game is just ass and a complete waste of time... allowing cops to spawn at the prison will not give us more interaction or something to do at prison at all, the point of me mentioning modded arma is that cops on there genuinely go out of their way to interact with you and you have much to do, you have your normal cells then solitary then yard time, visiting, you can break out of your cell with lock picks you find in trash, you can shank cops etc but this isn’t modded arma and we are restricted to what you can do on normal altis Hense why I’ve suggested reducing times as: 1. It’s a waste of time, we are being punished with not being able to play our game for an hour say (being restrained in pd and jail time) for partaking a rebel role on a game. 2. The whole prison thing would need to be remade to make prison have a use instead of just sitting there like you currently do which wouldn’t be worth the time as there’s more important things to work on / develop / change so it makes more sense reducing the max times. i genuinely don’t see the problem with reduced times? Police get the satisfaction of sending them off to prison, Civs time isn’t completely wasted like it is currently.
  14. Abdul_

    You seriously don’t get it do you? “Don’t do crimes” it’s part of the civ role, without it the police would have nothing to do and the police faction would be useless. When we get sent to jail, not only do we have 10+ minutes In the PD restrained, doing nothing but then if we have a 40-50 minute jail sentence... doing nothing! It turns out we log on a game for nearly an hour doing absolutely fuck all... it’s not even like it’s metropolis (modded arma) where last night I stole a car and got put in jail for 35 then where I was trying to break out etc cops ended up putting extra time and before I knew it I was out (2 hours later) but I didn’t mind as there was people (both civ and cops) to talk to and interact with the whole time which made it fun asf tbh. the point is, when you’re released you need to run 1km+ to the nearest garage (as there isn’t a atm at the bank atm) then travel all the way to rebel then regear then you can go back and cause havoc. losing your gear etc is a punishment alone in my opinion and a jail sentence no matter how many manslaughters etc shouldn’t be more than 40 mins I’m my opinion as I don’t know about others but it makes me afk / log out depending on the time given...
  15. Abdul_

    glad to see im not the only one tbh, was starting to think i was the problem aha

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