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  1. @Hugh I'll be on around 1-2pm closed
  2. Doesn't matter if someone would pay 7m for it or not, it's an op weapon and best craftable. Why make something like that buyable in any shop what so ever? Rebels can't have mar10's, Cyrus's but a asp is a good idea? Nah lol plot twist: Get mar10 and Cyrus gone from the server, filthy roaches.. ruins my immersion of becoming A military trained officer 2.4km away!
  3. @Hugh I'm willing to end the auction with your bid, I personally cba to wait days as I doubt anyone will top your bid. Up to you, thanks.
  4. @Oscar Morrison As im now unbanned and Alex no longer has a use for this, would you like to buy it for £3m? If so I'll end the auction at 3m. Thanks
  5. you muppet, it dont matter what faction it is, the only difference is the skin.. makes no different to the in-game physics lmao. All suvs are the same on arma without a doubt ,stop chatting rass are you a microwave? (only jk pls no ban)
  6. You're high m8, been smonking sum good shit. It happenes to all suvs on all servers, it's a SUV, designed to go off-roading here and there on a family outing, not something to be constantly pushed to 180km/h trying to flee police in. If you're complaining your SUV is barrel rolling then buy a hatchback or a hatchback sport, they're lower to the ground and more streamline like? Meaning they don't barrel roll as easy. "Only happens to police SUV so people have a chance on getting away" Fuck me, best think I've heard all day
  7. Item: 2 Stun Grenades Proof of ownership: Buy now price: n/a Starting bid: 200k Minimum bid increment: 50k End date: 26/2/2018 Goodluck!
  8. 10/10 ahaha
  9. In-game Name: MyAssHurts (Abdul) Steam ID: 76561198293063283 Date of the incident: 02/22/2018 Time of the incident: Time ago Link to player report: House update Lost Items and Estimated Value: 3 houses -one in kav greenzone next to main bridge with 3 crates. Full of CSATS (either 30-40) some fatigues some ghillies. -one in middle of nowhere with like 3 crates inside (old redzone) Empty -One in middle of nowhere with 2 crates in -had a few mk200s with attachments and mags (3 guns 6-7mags I think) 2 x fully attached Cyrus with mags (one was @Kevin Savage's) 1 x fully attached mar10 with no mags a few mk1's with attachments 2 mxsw's fully attached with 24 x 100RND mags (one black one Sand if it matters) Loads of (LUSH) normal gillie suits I robbed out some geeza's house. (There were like 30-40 lol) 2 stones (stun grenades) and whatever else was in there, i.e. Clothing maybe some more rifles, cant really remember anything else. thanks. Please provide as much detail as possible: House update Any Evidence Available: House update
  10. Buddy, we can buy them cheaper /around that price at advanced rebel which means we also don't have to mess around trying to collect it when we can just go rebel when we get the rest of our gear. Sound suppressor sure you can't buy it but no one pays over 100-150k for it as you can get one by killing SFUbtw or just wait for them to drive 2km down the road in a hatchy sport. Might be worth lowering your prices under shop value so you sell them? If not, just store and use them?
  11. Huh? +1 to dis guy ere, mad fragger. Madness.
  12. You mad? On the clip they gave him a chance to choose the path he wanted... you'd be lucky for cops to even show you the taser on reborn
  13. Nice effort, kinda poo tho... you can hit a mk20 up to 800m, it just takes more as the damage is reduced. Besides, if cops used their equipment properly they should easily be able to guide officers to the outside walls at a minimum. We asked and asked for domes and we've got domes why change it? This compound looks ass to defend and easy to attack and as cops have 30 people running along, this compound would be very easy to push.
  14. As a 'Long term' member of this community i would like to think my word means a lot. I will not do this again. thankyou
  15. No, it is not initiation until they shoot at you i.e with a handgun tazer or a rubber bullet gun. Once they shoot one round at you, you can consider this a threat and shoot back.

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