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  1. I want to DIE
  2. Shoutout to @Belthorium! Great roleplayer, was able to get a snap of him in action x


    (can confirm this post was consensual from the roleplayer himself)

    @Grim Reaper @Pingu Props for making it into the pic :) 

    Edited by Abdul_
    1. Belthorium


      Thanks man 

    2. Pingu
  3. hahahaha "Only Shitters die to redzones"
  4. In-game name: JoshDF (Posted for a friend) Steam ID: 76561198047281734 Date of ban: 12/03/2017 Staff member that banned you: Fuel Reason for ban: VDM (Forum Ban) Why do you think you were banned: Understand why I was banned in-game but not really sure how this has anything to do with the forums. Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I believe my forum ban was unjustified as the rule I violated was a server run not a forum rule. If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: Because I haven't broken any forum rule that I am aware of. Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: In-game VDM Please confirm you’ve read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes
  5. Honestly.. Bohemia needs to stop sending Packets....

    1. ZigZag



  6. @Jimboke hahaha It's not only me who's knocked your head off your shoulders
  7. Hahaha, best thing I have seen from you geez with the BTEC editing, you sound like this guy in ur video : Marshalla brother.
  8. 15...months?
  9. Andy... have you been drinking again?..
  10. +1 tidus is a top Mayor
  11. <15:24:34> "Samurai": That was fucking shit......... Worst Roleplay and comes from only the 1 gang MILSIM <15:24:55> "Samurai": Over an hour of just dragging me around doing nothing <15:24:57> "Samurai": Abysmal @JoshDF i think he expected us to take him to a theme park or to the beach? maybe just a nice meal out? didn't know when you take someone as hostage it were meant to be fun for them... Isn't that why its against their will, hence the cuffs and the violence?
  12. No need to add a rule to make you immune to being taken as hostage... What I don't get is that cops moan about when they've been taken as hostage for 30mins+ but what about when cops send rebels to jail for 30mins+ And we have a compound we have to sit in, with no one else there? Is that fun for rebels? Nope! Agreed it is a waste of time but you don't see us moaning, it's just part of the game...
  13. @AndrewFam is this a example of a sandbag?
  14. Like the lads who held the "guilty" "not guilty" cards for an unban
  15. Thanks a lot @Crispy.... 


    As if I haven't seen this message enough times.... now on Minecraft ^^^ :( 

    1. Pine


      Minecraft community ban issued.

      No appeal as you are not welcome here.

    2. Crispy


      You will be able to appeal your ban in 6 months Abdul. 

      Hopefully you'll change your behaviour by then.

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