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  1. hello sir do you know this man? he has been very toxic and I need to know!



  2. Abdul_

    Sssssssikee m9 l8r sk8r worDdddd WorddddddDdd
  3. Abdul_

    not salty bud, i enjoy chatting ass over the net.. its something to do lol
  4. Abdul_

  5. Abdul_

  6. Abdul_

  7. Abdul_

    Well that was trash, stick to reporting sorry, clearly isn't a serious montage so Idk why in criticising you. Lol.

    1. N I N E X

      N I N E X

      what a lucky boy

    2. RomaN


      I'm worried as to what you watch in your spare time..

  9. Abdul_

    Is there a possible fix for it?
  10. Abdul_

    @Fuel also you're able to change the colour of the phone menu and the hex by the ingame phone settings but every time you log on the server it always goes back to green, is this meant to be or just a bug? Thanks
  11. Abdul_

    i think you can make the go kart disappear through the admin console? dont need a skin for it hehe
  12. *WeirD 7uRtl3 Se>< N0ize5*


  13. *WeirD 7uRtl3 Se>< N0ize5*


  14. Abdul_

    Alex iffy was peng, Bebe rexha orca pls

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