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  1. Nice example of tactical flanking here, Soldier!!! Take the shooting hobos, and the roaching clips out then you might have a good montage!!
  2. To make it fair, It'll be first come first serve so take turns in commenting what you wish to purchase in this order : @Viozo @Kevin Savage @Pingu @JustJack @Sanik ߷ @ThisAintNoSmurf (Matt) And so on..... Thanks
  3. Due to a recent supply, Abdul's CSAT Shop is back in business! xDxD (Some of the items have been delivered, Feel free to "reserve" what you want by Leaving your in game name and the item(s) wanted. First come, first serve) Items Available: Full Ghillie (Arid) [CSAT] (11 Available) Full Ghillie (Jungle) [CSAT] (0 Available) Full Ghillie (Lush) [CSAT] (7 Available) Full Ghillie (Semi-Arid) [CSAT] (3 Available) Fatigues (Urban) [CSAT] (9 Available) Ghillie Suit [CSAT] (1 Available) £1m per item! @Omligon
  4. _
  5. Hurons are very loud, ruins immersion
  6. Yeah the sand has a sand supprsssor, sand NATO bipod and a sand Arco, same for the black sw just in black
  7. I got 24 100rnd mags in a house, anyone interested? *bonus* comes with 2 mxsw's (not duped) (one sand, one black both with suppressors, bipods, and arco's)
  8. It's not like you can get it now anyway
  9. -The mk200's you can make them via the lord of war or w/e it's called -you can buy them from ingame players (just say you're not willing to pay more than 1m and end up paying 1.2m) -or you can find the bundles at shipwrecks and then make them into mk200s at the weapons exchange or sell them at the black market trader (in bundle form i believe) Anyone that knows more than this than me, feel free to correct me
  10. This sir, is called R O L E P L A Y
  11. Lol, 2.5m buy now is sooo much, you can buy mk200's for a mill and they're much better. Just a tip!
  12. Well take a look at what happened, SERIOUSLY! SFU Roleplaying and im simply Blown away! Couldn't get a video because Shadowplay is trash Thanks for the roleplay @m4rko bae // @BgK // @Pablo // @Rease
  13. General.. didn't ever think I would say this... you're right I guess that's understandable, can we have red one dealer back? I guess that's understandable, can we have redzone dealer back?
  14. How ignorant vanguard are At the moment it'll end in a gunfight if we don't pay their sky high prices, so can you add a script so there's an animation like the repair one so if it does turn into a gunfight They can't just shut the drug dealer mid fight? Besides I think it'll help with immersion as you can't just open and close a "shop" within a click of one button and close it instantly after?
  15. Who wants to buy protection off people who wont be able to defend you anyway? You do filthy stuff like steal our helicopters off us when we decide to talk instead of shooting up the checkpoint, you treat people like shit and act like you run the server! (Give Hobos shit as anyone else will ruin you) Yet cry when we shoot your checkpoint up? Okay... I'm sorry but you cant say this... Its also a COMBAT GAME! If you don't want PVP then play a different game!!!

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