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  1. In-game name: Tom Snowdon Steam ID: 76561198812383611 Date of ban: 02/09/17 Reason for ban: Community Ban | Firstly Permed for Exploiting (Looked through DMT floor for info on where Police were) by Jimboke, then a few months later I came on ts and sent an IP Grabber to around 5 People (didn't do anything with their IP's (Only 2 people clicked on it) as I don't even know how to boot, so it was so pointless) Staff member that banned you: Bassie and Jimboke Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Being honest now, it was justified Why should we unban you? Thank you in advance for taking your time to read my appeal and I hope you read the full paragraph to fully understand why I believe I should be unbanned before you make any decisions or judgements about me. I was banned in 2019 and it feels like its been years since my ban (maybe not for anyone on Reborn but for me it has). This is because I have stayed in the Arma Community, however playing on servers that I didn't really enjoy and have been wanting to come back for a while. I have however waited a very long time, as I knew if I had previously appealed a couple of months ago I would have been denied as you wouldn't believe there to be a change in me in only a few months. I have since then Matured, learnt discipline (something I was lacking my whole time on Reborn) and that at the end of the day it is a game for everyone to enjoy and the primary objective of playing in this community is to relieve yourself of any day to day pressure you may have whether that is at work or in education. I made a new years resolution coming into 2020 that no matter what I did or where I was I would behave sensibly and appropriately with any laws/rules I am required to follow wherever I am. I am leaving school in a matter of months and new a while back I had some growing up to do. My maturity is a big thing I have improved and I really just want to come back to RebornRP as it is the only place wherein terms of Communities I don't feel shit on all the time as the rules here are mostly followed and when they are not, the rules are enforced by the Administration team which is also a big part in me wanting to come back.

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