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  1. Melantha Rose

  2. Melantha Rose

    Shh don’t blow my cover 🙄😅
  3. Melantha Rose

    @Fuel Just in case you still doubt my shooting skills 😉
  4. Melantha Rose

    You forgot to put self proclaimed in there!
  5. Melantha Rose

    Interesting.. I have to keep that in mind! 😌 (Love you really @Mr Ping <3)
  6. Melantha Rose

    I mean.. is that a possibility?
  7. Melantha Rose

    Didn't work tho did it? we had to take you back 😒
  8. Melantha Rose

    Very beautiful and sincere speech there @Fuel! Thanks guys, that was a fun little RP sit! :)
  9. Melantha Rose

    Nooo, no socks to bed!
  10. Melantha Rose

    That's nothing, @Nick Richards has prob lost a few hundred millions so far He's literally banned from the casino!
  11. Melantha Rose

    It's ok, I'll come train you guys..
  12. Melantha Rose

    Sorry Nick <3
  13. Melantha Rose

    Showing the boys how it's done! Sorry, it had to be shared Also, you still owe Nick 115k! <3
  14. Melantha Rose

    We do? I must have missed something there then ?
  15. Melantha Rose

    I think you are missing a bit of the point. The Syndicate is not here for gunfights, i for the life of me can't aim a gun at all. We are here to RP. Unfortunately people around us like starting gunfights with us instead of talking.

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