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  1. From my point of view it was clear RDM, and if you don't have anything to prove otherwise this is not reason enough for me to unban you. Appeal Denied.
  2. Show me evidence of the situation to prove your claim of being initiated and I'll unban you.
  3. Then why do you go on a rp server at all?? Because here you don’t have to actually get challenged to get kills? Find a Koth server where most of you are not banned for hacking, if you can, an go kill eachother there. Yes Arma is old and will probably never go back to the days of being popular. That doesn’t mean we should unban all of the worst players we have ever had and turn the server into a dumping ground of toxic kids who doesn’t know how to keep their mouth shut just because they get killed in a video game. You guys claim people who RP leave the server after a month, but roleplayer gets over run by frag hungry kids as soon as you step foot out of the greenzone, they are not given the chance to RP as most of you guy complaining in this thread literally have an RP lever of «Hands up or die» and never improve from that. With all of that being said, you do need some sort of combat in Arma. It is a combat based game after all. However you need to find a middle ground between the combat and the RP, and there’s when it gets tricky. Tbh I think Reborn has quite a lot to offer combat wise, however they do have to get used to offer combat in the first place. Having one massive gang instead of small ones fighting each other might be one of the issues. My suggestion would be a cap on gangs. Yes most of you will cry over that as you will have to split into smaller groups and actually have a challenge in a firefight compared to jumping your whole gang into several ifrits and over run the other gangs with pure numbers instead of skill. And surely you recruited these people into the gang because they are good in combat situations? Split up and fight eachother and get the combat you so desperatly want.
  4. Melantha Rose


    Not Neo, Wait for a response from a real management member.
  5. Melantha Rose

    Art Gallery

    Alright, we'll see how long it takes for the rebels to start crying to get it switched back when the banhammer starts swinging.
  6. Melantha Rose

    Art Gallery

    Oh believe me, I have been. If this move happened however, there wouldn't be anyone left of the big gangs on the server as there is no way they could restrain themself enough to not shoot at a car passing by as they are in a firefight.
  7. Melantha Rose

    Art Gallery

    Isn't it bad enough people set up gunfights just outside greenzone/AAA and use "active firefight" as an excuse to "frag" everyone just driving past. Do we really need more excuses/places along the msr for rebels to fight? it's literally impossible to drive from kavala to agios/athira on the msr as it is. There is ONE place on the server where you HAVE to roleplay, and let's be honest, most RP from rebels are "I want ten billion pounds or I'll shoot anything that moves". Leave the art gallery as it is, let them have their gunfight in a place where they don't ruin RP for the rest of the server. They have enough of other places to fight if they don't like Zaros.
  8. Melantha Rose

    205 Report

    You looked away, he took a chance and ran for it, which worked in his favor. Denied.
  9. Melantha Rose


    Any evidence at all? If not, there's not much we can do.
  10. When you initiate on someone you have to keep eyes on to be able to kill them, which you did not do in this situation. Player banned. Accepted.
  11. Player banned for RDM. However, you did not die in the first situation, and got intitated on properly in the second one, so no comp is owed. Accepted.
  12. Did you mean to post this video on the other report on you? And what is this video meant to show?
  13. Player banned. Accepted.
  14. Do you have a longer video? we can't see from this if anything has happened with any initiaton before the chase.

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