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  1. Melantha Rose

    After a conversation on TS I've decided to unban you. Accepted.
  2. Melantha Rose

    No I didn't mistake you for someone else. I warned you once, and you went on to being racist once again when you went to the police HQ in Kavala. So how about you stop trying to play innocent and tell the truth and explain what you plan to change about your behavior instead.
  3. Melantha Rose

    Good to see you thought it through. There's plenty of tools in game to help you avoid your NLR, so you can't keep making excuses for it, Unbanned.
  4. Melantha Rose

    @y2kid(TTVy2kidk)Comp @majedfor the reported incident, let me know when it's done.
  5. Melantha Rose

    Maybe you should stop breaking NLR? No one is forcing you to do so, and the bans go by a system you can easily read up on in the rules. Denied.
  6. Melantha Rose

    Yes I did accidentally have god mode on, and yes I solved the situation as soon as I realized. Calm down boys 😅
  7. Melantha Rose

    You have a 48 hr ban, which you can't appeal. Denied.
  8. Melantha Rose

    You might want to try the whole thinking before speaking/typing thing, it usually helps. I don't want to see any toxicity from you anymore, I'll kick you straight out. Unbanned, last chance buddy.
  9. Melantha Rose

    The thing is, he did not say he didn't want you reported, so that's BS coming from Choo, and I don't care who you meant to send it too, you shouldn't send it to anyone. You might think a 6 month ban is too long, however it's due to you own mistakes and having a ban history already. When it comes to me not wanting to resolve, I had a chat with you on ts. You asked why you were banned and I explained why and what for. No I didn't reply to the whining that followed. When you got Ben to ask me to come to support I was in the middle of making dinner, and I'm not dropping everything to come listen to your crying. You've been banned less then 24 hrs ago, and you've been banned for 6 months. There's no reason I have to rush into a room and resolve with you, keep in mind the only people who created this situation is yourself for being stupid enough to send these kind of messages in the first place, which clearly shows you haven't learned anything from your previous bans. Why should I unban you when you clearly haven't learned and keep spewing out the same crap? I'm more tempted to keep you banned for at least a month until your appeal time just to give you a lesson, so you better have a good answer.
  10. Melantha Rose

    Forum report accepted. Ban issued.
  11. Melantha Rose

    You can not appeal 48hr bans. Denied.
  12. Melantha Rose

    So instead of trying to solve, you took the chance of the player report never going up and you getting out of it easy? Only problem with this is that there's a risk with the report going up. Junior put up a comp request for your items lost, your friends will have to do the same with a video to prove they were downed as well. [TS] sort your shit out and stop with the terrible RP. I was watching your gang yesterday and it wasn't exactly good RP. If anything as bad as this happened while I was watching I would have banned you on the spot. Next time solve right away instead of wasting peoples time. The risk of getting banned is always there if you let it go to a forum report. Ban issued.
  13. Melantha Rose

    You are not allowed to randomly finish someone off. Make a comp request for any items you've lost. Player report accepted.
  14. Melantha Rose

    You are right in telling them they have to be in the same gang to work together, however he gave the threat, he fired his gun, and he was the one who killed you, not any of the others there. So that removes the whole in different gangs issue. If someone points a gun at you and give you a command, it's clear threat. You don't have to say "Or you'll be shot" for it to be valid initiation. He made his intentions quite clear. Player report denied.
  15. Melantha Rose

    Player already banned for this incident, please make a comp request with evidence of your death and what you've lost if you want compensation. Moved to denied as he's already banned.

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