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    Any evidence at all? If not, there's not much we can do.
  2. When you initiate on someone you have to keep eyes on to be able to kill them, which you did not do in this situation. Player banned. Accepted.
  3. Player banned for RDM. However, you did not die in the first situation, and got intitated on properly in the second one, so no comp is owed. Accepted.
  4. Did you mean to post this video on the other report on you? And what is this video meant to show?
  5. Do you have a longer video? we can't see from this if anything has happened with any initiaton before the chase.
  6. Do you have a longer video with a player ID? Or a time frame? We have had more then one George playing on the server today.
  7. Player banned. Accepted.
  8. They intitated clearly around the 12 second mark, however they have to keep eyes on after they initiate. From this video it doesn't look like they did. @Kevin hopperdo you have a video from your POV?
  9. I watched the video with Fuel, and have already declined this report. I don’t want to see it a third time. DECLINED.
  10. Not spin to win. He calmly turned around and knocked you out. However make note that this will not be possible in the future as you will not be able to knock out someone holding a gun. Declined.
  11. Ban Issued for Poor RP. However, they are allowed to knock you out while you are restrained. They ask you to be quiet, you won't, and they knock you out, fair enough. Do not ask people to join ts in the middle of the situation, RP it out and solve on ts after. I was watching this as you asked me to come to you in game, the guys robbed a few gas stations with you as a hostage, gave you your stuff back, including your gun, and let you go. You literally clipped your recordings to make it look as bad as possible. Yes they shot a bit to fast, however if you actually tried to RP with them instead of shouting get on the radio non stop, you might both had some fun RP from this. You lost nothing from this situation. Sometimes it really is worth thinking about if a report should be put up or not. Accepted.
  12. Actually Paul D has denied it twice as you already had your ban reduced. You have literally just copy pasted the last appeal you got declined. If you keep posting ban appeals, you are making things worse for yourself, not better. Wait out your ban. Denied.
  13. Player Banned. Accepted.
  14. I believe this is already fixed for wednesdays update.

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