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  1. Jay_CCTV

    Joey, JoJo

    This my dog JoJo she’s been one my best friends for 6 years now. She has some heart problems with arthritis and was getting progressively more sick she got possioned some how and we had to take her to the vet and we had to put her down R.I.P Joey
  2. Adult community I’m aloud tell you fuck off, and I highly doubt that your trying to be over sensitive in order to get me a ban. Yikes Honestly I think we could close the report because even with how much charlie said you argued it and wont take comp
  3. Im going comp what Charlie says to so ill comp pullout price and also gear looks like about 275? give or take theres no outfit only really a gun and mark 1 plus mags is 250k + vest. LMAOOO you came in screaming leason all 4 of you didnt let me speak and wanted me comp 1.6 million fuck off my cock mate. Stop with this client BS to let him speak I dont wanna talk to this NPC character in my skyrim game. Your a joke you arnt getting your way so you dont want comp because I was right TS saying im not comping the run because I had a com support (Logic) in my channel and even he can say it was not intentional, So if dont want comp thats cool close the report if you do ill give you it for 350k for everything, Or price of what Charlie says
  4. Alright than, Ill comp how much is he looking for remeber im NA so your going have to be on at later hours think 7 uk to 12 uk is around where ill play at
  5. Don’t have video but in all honesty I like combat landing helis I fucked it up and it wasn’t a bombing I didn’t even have a reason to if I was doing that
  6. Rules are 3 minutes plus for full story I mean your reporting me for a rule break, are you trying to not follow rules of the report?
  7. Must be more than a 3 second video to show what happen prior to the encounter. Shooting for at least 3 mins. If theres 3 minute video I will comp
  8. Man that’s weak apology you facing a perm I would type out somthing more than few words
  9. Jay_CCTV


    Helped me set custom arma fov in a matter of minutes nice lad appreciate it
  10. Stop spamming fourms please

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