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    1. I would love to see this as someone who consistently goes from 60 million to 20 than back +1 this should be fun
    2. they have lots of rules just like any faction on the server such as police in all honesty rebel is by far the most OP
    3. Jay


      I have a jet still wouldn’t enjoy this but eh would be nice take benches out now that I think about it
    4. Jay


      unbalanced isn’t fun
    5. Jay


      jets would counter hellcats way to much and just make them useless and would be super strong since you can use them for fast travel and for pvp
    6. i’m thinking more near sofia has more of a bw rebel control instead of police
    7. dance off let’s do this right here right now
    8. ill turn it on while I do school right now
    9. Well this would also be a trade spot so even if it only had members that’s been here for a while it would still be a great audition to the server and a good quality of life update
    10. FiveM has this I really like this idea +1 could be a fun time
    11. Jay


      you cant only at BW trader and its 500k piece I believe
    12. you have to think a lot of those unbans is because of the community rallying to get those people unbanned and causing a shit show if more people did not want cheaters we wouldn't even have this problem. This is a community problem not just a rule staff/server
    13. thats fair I wish there was a max of 2x you shouldnt be able to get permed 3x for cheating and be back
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