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    2. cxmeronmcgregor


      Alt 1ed a police heli and now I am arrested how cool is that??

    3. Joshyy


      cause your BW

    4. cxmeronmcgregor
  2. instead of an auction every week / month. I think it would be cool to have like an auction building like casino were you can walk up to a sign and press a button like add / remove / view auctions at any time
  3. Got them from matty and the events
  4. Joshyy

    New Build

    Thanks for the help guys
  5. Joshyy

    New Build

    what would you say is better for gaming i5 9600k or ryzen 5 3600
  6. Joshyy

    New Build

    @Luke.I wont be overlocking. I didnt know what cooler or psu to go for. Got recommended both parts from mctavish. If you know what cooler and or psu would work better, im open for suggestions
  7. ah I see. what about this https://www.rebornroleplay.com/topic/33645-reborn-cqc-mission-file/ ?
  8. Joshyy

    New Build

    here is the list so far https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/GwgBgw . For the storage, im probs just gonna format my current HDD and SSD
  9. ill meet you in the middle, 4k for both
  10. Hello hello old friend. Do you still play on the server?

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