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    In-game name: Flix Steam ID: 76561198214808163 | https://www.rebornroleplay.com/profile/7566-hash/ | 4BEku5vXRf6pnzlBDCzScwme8bs= | q9yqCWLcg4z/Fu5tK3wgW56xL3U= | Flix#8600 Date of ban: 01/04/19 Reason for ban: In game: Hacking (Spawning money) | Forums: Shitposting | Teamspeak: Hacking (in game) | Discord: Hacking (in game) Staff member that banned you: Fuel | Neo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: It wasn't. Why should we unban you? I get this mass unban isn't for hackers since "we don't want to be here" but I do and thought i'd give an appeal another shot. "My ban was around 5 months ago and since then a lot has changed in my life and I've changed as a person. I am no longer a toxic little child running around Kavala square nor someone who shit talks other people online. I understand that over the past few weeks Reborn has been experiencing many "DDoS" attacks and a few members of the community have blamed these on me, I am in no way involved or at fault for the attacks against the server and have had nothing to do with reborn since my ban. When I was banned I decided to make a discord where I would be payed to "Nuke" reborn, this was all a big joke and I haven't logged onto reborn since by ban, If needed I could contact my ISP to have my previous IPS since the start of the year since I have a dynamic IP but I don't see that as necessary. Since my ban iv'e not touched Arma since the ban I received from reborn somehow caused a Infistar ban to be given to me. I haven't touched Arma and since then iv'e lost touch with many of the people I used to play with and I really regret my decision to cheat since it's caused many problems. My cheating on Arma stopped a lot of the people I called friends to stop talking to me since they thought they would be banned for being "involved with a hacker" despite my assuring them nothing of the sort would happen. In addition I would like to apologise to Wilma for causing shit with him over discord like a little child when I was banned and to Fuel and Neo for also causing them shit over discord. I want to finish of by saying that I am genuinely sorry for the mistakes iv'e made and can assure you nothing of the sort will happen again from me." ^^Is from my prior appeal but I have a few things to add. Many players Such as Cozza and Jordann to name a few are ex globaled players that have been given extra chances after being banned for hacking and many other things and yet some of us are not allowed this second chance. I feel that it's a bit unfair considering it's 6 months since my ban and I've changed a lot since then. This is probably gonna be one of my last if not my last appeal since if this is denied there is no point in any more. I also find it pretty shitty that my appeal is made into a joke and DDoS accusations are made against me in the discord that I have only been informed about by others when I have had nothing to do with this server and games in general since my ban.

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