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    In-game name: mOE Steam ID: 76561198364985687 Date of ban: 06/30/20 Reason for ban: Inviting hackers Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: it was justified Why should we unban you? I didn't even know he was ban evading I didnt even know he was ban evading he didnt tell me in the channel that he was ban evading he had the ID number 87k it was 1am so i didnt think twice i got told the next morning that he was ban evading so i immediately kick him from the gang I apologise for that It was my own idiocy. I wouldn't want to intentionally ruin my chances of being unbanned just to invite someone who wants to ban evade other than that i dont know anything he didnt speak in the channel when we were playing only callouts. It doesn't make sense for me to purposefully do something i know will get me banned even though i begged for a month for an unban
  2. It was fun 😓

    1. Ben.


      hacker on the server get off the server

    2. nomadox
  3. denied was an executive decision by Axolotl
  4. Requirements: Must have a big booty Must NOT be skunked Must be able to code in all programming languages Must be able to do runs for the leaders ( or else your skunked ) Don't put poo on your friends fingers MUST Have no gcses Application Template: Name: DOB: Hours(Screenshot): Previous Gangs: Why do you want to join: Anyone who can vouch for you: GCSES: Current Employment: Family Status (100 words minimum): Are you the breadwinner Yes or no: Vouches must have 6+: ROSTER GANG VIDEO
  5. Thanks sandman o7 thanks email 😊 your moving skunked thanks bro :)))))))) ty thanks wallah
  6. say rougie or nomie one more time 😡
  7. no one asked lol stop beefing on the thread!
  8. Thanks 30 year old Thanks bro Trueeee ahahaha thanks cat
  9. made this in the week i was unbanned. Feedback appreciated
  10. mOEE

    Olav going ham

    does the same thing on arma smh
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