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  1. Tom Skyline

    I guess it could work with it showing up when new information is added rather than everytime with something you have already seen
  2. Tom Skyline

    -1 This is a roleplay server, if you want non stop gunfights, go play koth or tdm
  3. Tom Skyline

    If anyone wants to make me one I will be more than happy, instead of using a google image TS
  4. Tom Skyline

    This would make the role of the medic kinda pointless & combat reviving would run wild. If you think the medics are "Afk" why not join them?
  5. Tom Skyline

  6. Tom Skyline

    You just took off from a drug dealer after reports of you killing someone, they had full right to shoot at you. @conor1233may have shot early, however if he acknowledges his wrongdoings since know one got hurt I will deny this report.
  7. Tom Skyline

    Compensation paid.
  8. Tom Skyline

    This looks like a misunderstanding with the iniation. Please arrange compensation to be paid between yourselves. @Vustra @Rodriguez.
  9. Tom Skyline

    Even so, he was driving and was not able to pick up the iniation which you must take into account.
  10. Tom Skyline

    Action taken for this clear combat logging
  11. Tom Skyline

    Compensation given, report closed.
  12. Tom Skyline

    Unfortunately, due to it being a gyazo I cannot pause it to see the name. Due to this, I will have to deny this report.
  13. Tom Skyline

    Compensated in game.
  14. Tom Skyline

    I have sorted comepensation through the sever comepensation. It will be added to your acccount @T.Miller

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