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    Introduction! Welcome to the August edition of our monthly newsletter. This is our third this year and the second consequently. Much has happened over the past month, and our August newsletter will give you the full set of information for what you need to know. Thank you also for continuing to support our social media handles, we will be running exclusive giveaways/events on those soon. New Community Supports! A new set of Community Supports were announced at the start of July. They will work alongside the existing community supports to provide their top-notch support to our players. The Full list can be found here: Be the Mayor! Mayor voting was introduced on Altis back at the July 11th update. This enables anyone who wants to run for office to pay a £5,000,000 fee to cover the campaign fees and other expenses. This Month's Mayor: After weeks of hard campaigning, this month's mayor is @Epic ! He will be the mayor for the duration of August, so keep an eye for his public events and speeches. Altis Truck Simulator Freight missions have been introduced, allowing you to take freight from one Altis truckyard to another. Legal or Illegal, it's up to you with XP and money being the reward. Royal snail deliveries have also been introduced, allowing you to play the role of Postman Pat and deliver letters to the people of Altis. You are paid for doing so and it is a good legal way of making money. Stay up to date! Keep up to date with all the latest Reborn Developments here: Farewell to some Staff: This month @Jordd & James Grimm have left us for pastures new. We wish them well for the future! Stay in contact with us: Never miss out on the Reborn Action! Twitter: https://twitter.com/reborn_rp Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RealRebornRP/ Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/b2ApTJS YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSUkJTRB2ysZ30PABdfS_3Q/ Steam:https://steamcommunity.com/groups/RebornRoleplay Final Words: Thank you for reading August's newsletter. Make sure to stick around for September's newsletter & follow Reborn's Twitter & Facebook. Want to join the Media Team? We're looking for some dedicated members to join our Media Team. We're looking for people skilled in Facebook, Twitter, Newsletter writing (blogging) and information gathering. If you feel you can fit this role, we want you! To join our media team submit a resume/C.V style letter to [email protected] Examples, proof of concept and experience is a plus. Those fortunate enough to join the team will be able to add their work here to their resume/CV with a reference depending on their contribution. This is a voluntary position with the work you publish being the reward. For any questions about what the Media Team does and what they will be doing in the future, message Neo on TS or send him a private message!

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We're an ArmA Community running the ArmARPGLife Framework.
We're commited to the development of this community and release weekly updates which are steadily moving us to our own framework.
Have fun, Enjoy your stay, See you on the streets of Altis
Neo, Fuel and Genesis - RebornRP Founders


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