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  1. 207k
  2. Just don't watch them?
  3. https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forms/5-report-a-player/ @Sof
  4. Currently if you down a player & not kill them you do not get wanted for anything. As a bounty collector I think you should be wanted for something such as 'Injuring with Intent' & the person who ends them charged with the normal manslaughter
  5. You literally have to press one button to put it on?
  6. LEO

    Hopefully he has learned his lesson , I am happy for you to unban him.
  7. @Adam FTW Also I was there in the resolving you initially asked for 200k comp and we asked for evidence. You then said 120k but still would not provide evidence to Adam of what you had which meant he could not compensate you.
  8. It's a joke because it says Comorra on the helis
  9. deal
  10. In-game name? - Tom SkylineAge? -16Are you a binman? Yup.Bank balance? £20,000,000Have you got both rebel licenses? - YesHours on Arma 3? - 1870Previous gangs? - Col in Vanguard, Cops , EternalWhy would you like to join Garbo? - Since my core group of friends left reborn i need some group to play rebel with & Garbo seem very mature and looking to have fun which is exactly what I want.Can anyone within Garbo vouch for you? - Scott
  11. Still looks cool & kinda rare
  12. Item: 1x Camorra Ifrit Proof of ownership: http://steamcommunity.com/id/TheShadowLeaf/screenshot/920297285094495118 Buy now price: 6mill Starting bid: 1mill Minimum bid increment: 100k End date: 28/03/18
  13. To make a report you need to use this: https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forms/5-report-a-player/
  14. Am sitting on 20 mill, not really that much in the grand scheme of things

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