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    1. It's cool don't beat yourself up over it we all make mistakes.
    2. Isn't it? I get your procedure may be ambiguous, but I tried explaining the situation to him at the time (he banned me mid wz) and he didn't want to listen to me. I also tried contacting him after as per what the staff lead member told me to do. He told me he had IRL things to do and hopped on euro truck simulator. Not trying to grass him up but I don't think I'm the only one who's had issues with Charlie. Moving forward I think the clarification you're making with the staff team about their procedure will be good for the server. It's hard to be completely impartial, nobody's perfect
    3. There wasn't a report. Someone went to staff with a video where they didn't look at me during a completely valid initation. Because they didn't look, they didn't see my gun, and it was classed as a hobo initation. I did, a staff lead agreed I shouldn't have been banned and asked me to speak to the banning admin. Banning admin refused to unban me. I don't even care, because I have better shit to do and waste too much time as it is. It's just annoying that I'm being banned for not breaking the rules when I'm trying to play the game. If everyone experienced this, th
    4. And where not possible? Presumption of guilt. Failing to be impartial and generally taking the reporting side. I was banned for a week for a video that didn't even show me in it. Cheating unrelated, but I was still presumed guiltywith insufficient evidence. I think he was talking about things this rather than your point:
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