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  1. I agree that it shouldn't be altered or removed as that would remove a safe haven for civs. As some new players and old ones have Hemmit boxes the inconvenience of a crushing is drastically larger than for BlackWater, however is still a pain. If Police catch someone in the act of crimes as you suggested above you should add the charges onto their ticket without the database as you don't have their ID. However, this would still reduce the incentive to carry the ID card just in case of being caught. While role play is a good solution to the problem with good reasoning and explanation to the officer inside of role play sometimes tickets are removed just make sure that, is instructed to officers as it is a rarity. While easier for BlackWater more people should be able to use role play as the correct way to firstly remove the ticket. Finally, the point about manual jail time is an interesting concept as without the ID Police could charge the full amount of jail time - up to one hour - but with the ID the past crimes may be clean resulting in another role play position to remove the jail or reduce it depending on how the Officer sees it. Overall I believe that the system should remain a feature to help support players however the jail time and charges suggestions could both have an interesting change to alter how people are dealt with. +1
  2. Thank you for the"constructive help". Will try to add more clips for the next montage.
  3. No its a serious resolution that I have been using for a number of months now
  4. Would you care to elaborate on this repose to how I can improve my montage upon the next release.
  5. CordingMedal


    This would be an interesting concept however many groups would want to keep their gang funds separate. This would work with a stock market with the groups on the server being broken into shares that is invested. These shares could be used on their gang houses. Investors in groups could help to buy vehicles and get certain perks or agreements from the groups that they representing. This would be a stock market and contract system to help with agreements. +1
  6. Its not a joke have been using this FOV before the first montage as it seems to work for me despite not being so used by others.
  7. Not sure what you mean as I stated that I like to use this FOV and it isn't my computer that is limiting it as I can run the defulat FOV if I wanted too.
  8. o On't honestly know as the lettering is of the viewable area. No is a normal 16:9 monitor. Not blurred just not on the screen due to my FOV
  9. Thanks for the idea but have been playing on this FOV for a while and not so sure about changing it as it seems to be normal for me to use.
  10. Some clips are better than others. Please only constructive comments.
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