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  1. A building is a building so anyone that own it should be able to spawn there as otherwise people could just target the houses. By allowing them to spawn there it removes the possibility of people hitting the building just to stop spawns.
  2. +1. An alt 1 would work for the armed hellcat but there has to be a co-pilot to help balance it. It would be good to allow benches on different helicopter alt 1/2 other helicopters like they would as they are a separate body of people and not a part of the pilot control over the aircraft.
  3. I think there should be rules against camping the rebel outposts on Gang night as it dos ruin the experience for someone because they have to be constantly flying back to their to get their gear just for someone to kill them again and again. Better to have a card or something that has a limit on it rather tan bringing out large sums just to loose it.
  4. +1 People have an annoying habit of locating downed individuals and waiting fr their team then initiate rather than leaving them to be saved by the medic. This decreased role play. Add a bigger GZ to the hospital over Sofia.
  5. To be honest, taking out money does lead to role play situations more effectively than instant transactions, something we don't have today. Have the credit cards (suggested by Sunny above) would give an alternate role play situations. Some people will still take out money so having the 50k limit on them would be a good idea so some things that are ore expensive you must take money out. I think having perks that upgraded the amount over time would successfully would to allow others to still have an effective role play around money.
  6. Adding a Police HQ to Sofia would allow for a large Police presence inside the Sofia territory and would allow us to operate their more successfully by combating runs and other people doing illegal activities. I know this is within Blackwater and their borders but this growth of the Police department while having good relations with Blackwater so it would work both ways.
  7. +1 A saved virtual inventory would save time massively and so would a saved uniform
  8. You can buy some things without the money being on your like houses. I think they could do this for car, trucks boats and aviation vehicles as the money is quite substantial.
  9. I have only ever made this suggestion once. On this feed! I often try to offer alternate suggestions linking with the first topic at hand, including a donations goal for skins. So I suggested a vehicle skin that can link to the original topic, not as "off topic" as you suggest it maybe. It was an idea for the type of skins that people could get that others who didn't donate cannot get access to. On each suggestion I offer an alternate view it helps people to think outside the box about different ways to develop their idea further.
  10. It was just a suggestions for a skin for the Orca. This is because at night there can be some objects and when landing collision lights don't radiate a large coverage of light onto the ground, only the spotlight at the front which can make it harder if you are aiming not to be seen.
  11. To elaborate: the Orca is usually dark so when at night and landing for whatever reasons somewhere without lights but with lots of fences and trees that could damage the helicopter. The back roter could become easily damaged so adding 4 bars that glow in the dark to the back roter, a third person view would allow you to judge you landing off it. Add these at the front for extra positioning security. If you don't like these ideas, then just use the forwards facing lights at the front to see the ground and the object that the front of the helicopter could collide with.
  12. Maybe adding unique skins that haven't been produced like extra patterns of Orca's so you can land them easier at night.
  13. If someone could tell me what software to use, I would be willing to give making skins a go. In response to @AlbistonI suggests that they pay 5 pounds for a number of skins (5)for that players vehicles. We could work on a suggesting for gang prices for all members.
  14. +1 for the last idea. I think that £5 for 1 set and then add £5 for each to allow them a second vehicle with the skin on it rather than 10-15.

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