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    1. Even though I banned myself from that god awful place, I'd be down to see! +1
    2. I'd also say I love the suggestions that are coming from this. Not one of those people when I make a suggestion that I would like it my way or no way. Keep it up lads
    3. Id be open to anything that brings people together more. So many top top people in Blackwater but since the boarder has been took off they've had to roam a little bit. I just think it would be great to have somewhere central for everyone. But a kavala rework would be welcome too! Have a town square or something with everything in and have a bw toll point one entrance and police the other
    4. The thing is for what I'm suggesting is that its communal and everyone goes there. I don't want it to be Bw controlled or police controlled, I want it to be like the capital of altis where everyone meets, trades, advertises gangs, chats and hangs out like they do in kav. There could be like 4 entrances that have a poll booth that police and bw can take control off combined if they wish There could be a hospital, police hq and bw hq, just a place for once where everyone can go and be together, once you're out of the capital it goes to how it is everywhere else, a ffa initiation just like wha
    5. I propose having it next to or close to the altis International Airport, just so that planes can come in for landing too or if someone buys a jet they can literally fly straight off. This is also smack bang in the centre of the map and close to all runs (may have to move a processing or seller location incase it becomes a bit of an OP place). Having it in this location also makes it not a far drive to go to any of the other cities so would become somewhat of a 'capital' for the server For me, the suggestion im putting forward is a location where its a green zone just where people can com
    6. In-game name: AzzaG Name of the player(s) you are reporting: 101958 [Wve] https://prnt.sc/v7ilhi (screenshot of his number due to being 360p video) Date of the incident: 10/26/20 Time of the incident: 23:55 What rule do you believe was broken: 2.1 Discrimination (Calling me a monkey when getting into hunter) 3.1 Always Roleplay (When saying RDM)(Me also I slip the tongue and say 'Teamspeak') Any evidence available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSgzlZxdoT4&t=6s Calls me a 'monkey' at 2:50 Breaks rolepl
    7. AzzaG


      Hahaha I know you will always have a hostage spare 😛 Can lend us some of that LSD money too and yeah bro! Will be on as civ from time to time and if you're on i'll hit you up! ❤️ all hail general Paul!
    8. AzzaG


      We have and we shall! You'll always be my leader bro! ❤️
    9. +1 Always a proper nice dude whenever I've seen Jay so be it in game or forums!
    10. AzzaG's quote of the day: "You always pass failure on the way
      to success."

      1. Liam2006


        "You can't fix stupidity." should be the next one

    11. It's obviously not a majour thing to be added and by no means am I suggesting this expecting it to be done straight the way. But in the future maybe someone will see this suggestion and think it'll work at that time if not now
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