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  1. AzzaG


    Thankyou Phill, I really appreciate your kind words AzzaG
  2. AzzaG

    Strip Club

    +1 I'd love to see @BigT dancing on those poles ❤️ I'd pay good money for it
  3. In any faction/job if their RP is not how it's supposed to be they get warned. Same would occur with this.
  4. Hey, It would be cool to add a bounty hunter job role along side the AAA and lawyer etc. You would be given the top 10 most wanted online at the time and your job would be hunt them down and kill them/hand them over to the police for a cash reward + xp. I'm not sure how much you'd be willing to give someone for a reward of there killing/turning over, if not the whole amount, maybe like a certain percentage of the warrant. Pros: Would give people that are not in gangs/lone wolves a chance to get into some combat without having to initiate on hobos etc. Would make people that are wanted always be looking over their shoulders and might deter them from carrying out some crimes. Would bring some different RP to the server. I believe it would also be a very fun role to play on. Police can't be everywhere all the time, would give some much needed dynamics to the force. Cons: I can't think of any cons, but please list them in the comments if you can. -AzzaG
  5. AzzaG

    death time

    Increase the time until you're able to suicide once you've called for a medic to 5 minutes instead of the time it is currently. There's been numerous times where I have been the only medic on and someone across the map calls for me, I'll grab a heli, get halfway to them and they kill themselves. I think 5 minutes would be sufficient, but if it goes to this, might need to remind people to be careful what they click. Very easy to call for a medic accidentally in gang wars etc and 5 minutes could be detrimental in that circumstance. AzzaG
  6. AzzaG

    Happy birthday! :)

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