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  1. ive got two more now so 2.5 mill for 4?
  2. Snowb


    Your steam id is correct This is a perm ban so moved to perm ban appeals.
  3. Snowb

    Taylor [SRT]

    Right now some of the tools I need are not working as needed. Please bear with while I look into this sorry
  4. deal, im on ts all day so HMU
  5. Snowb

    Taylor [SRT]

    I am looking into this, please bear with. Can you please send me @Jayyy. steam ID please
  6. how much would you pay for two?
  7. Snowb


    That looks like your steam64 ID but no player has connected to our servers under that identifier. Can you double check that it links to your steam profile.
  8. Snowb


    This is not your steam 64 ID which is what we need. Use this website to find it and reply with it https://steamid.io/lookup
  9. Update: You can buy some of the trucks there but not all
  10. Right now you can only buy things like hemmtts or other big trucks from the truck shop. You should be able to buy them at gang base
  11. Snowb

    MooN Report

    I will give them a chance to respond.
  12. Snowb

    Luo Long Report

    Report Accepted, there is no excuse for this level of toxicity that is clearly outlined as not ok on this server.
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