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  1. Do you have an extra minuet or so at the end of the video so I can see what is going on? I will also point out that messaging people to strip you while your downed is a rule break.
  2. I will give them a chance to respond.
  3. try a run like meth or something, just keep trying runs, ive never been robbed doing a run even on my own
  4. Just do LSD runs, you dont get robbed that much
  5. legit no one rlly goes up there, imagine logging on to play just to have to stand still at a checkpoint!
  6. you removed hobbit mod and fish bowl mod and stopped playing on this im proud jk n1 its improved!
  7. Snowb

    Majed (On bahalf)

    In-game name: Majed Steam ID: 76561198335786938 Date of ban: 04/12/17 Reason for ban: I was Banned for being infistar banned at the start. I got that removed off my record. now I have BE ban and I am unable to play or get it gone. Staff member that banned you: Cameron Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Yes my Ban is jusitifed. Reborn staff members have the fully right to ban me If they have seen That I am banned for any sort of hacking of anticheat system. I do agree that I have tried to cheat and that is totally my fault. I have been loyal to this community. and I have tried to cheat and I got banned instantly which is my fault and I regret that. I tried to cheat and when infistar caught it like 3 years ago. I still regret it until today and it hurts that When I want to play I have to evade and None of the community owners are giving me a chance and they have given a lot of cheaters a chance and not me. and I only tried to cheat. It just got detected because I did not have a spoofer on. but this is not the case. the case it that It was totally my fault. The only way I could play is by evading because no one care if I play on their server. I always get denied ban appeals (cheating appeals) and no one wants me to play so I evade. but I cant be asked to evade anymore. Its just waste of time and money. Why should we unban you? I am very sorry for what I have done in the past. I have done enough trouble and I should not be unbanned. But I really love this server and the community. and I will be taking things seriously. I have given my time to think about stuff I have done and I regret it. I was banned for cheating because I tried to cheat. It took few mins and I was banned. I only attempted to cheat. I had the intention but It did not work. I have been banned since the last 3 years from infistar and then they removed it. But the problem with BE bans that its impossible to remove. I cant remove a battleye ban from my account. infistar is possible. Battleye bans are like VAC bans. just impossible unless im innocent and I am not. I am very sorry what I have done in the past anyways. And I apologize to all the staff members and the community members to all the trouble I have caused. I will be giving my word as a man that I will be a fair player and I will never do anything to ruin anyone's fun experience. and I will be helping staff members to make sure this community is always better. If I have anything to report about cheaters I will help. I will give the support to fix my mistake at least I can give sometimes and not always take. I am very sorry to Neo and Fuel aswell because I gave them enough trouble aswell and kept annoying them. I will be a very positive member of the community and I will never try to cheat or do any such thing because I have learned from my mistake and I really love this game and this community and I will promise that If I get a second chance. I will make reborn roleplay proud of me.
  8. +1 to this whole thing, gold spawning thing is a good idea
  9. what no, lol thats way too high risk. Then no one would do runs lol as some sado would defo camp it!
  10. Snowb

    Ifrit cut/chut

    yhhh buttttttt police equalise the fights in some cases and police are part of the server, in the same way bw are part of the server for gang contracts.
  11. Snowb

    Ifrit cut/chut

    I mean I would be down for it but equally gives a reason to make money doing runs + using talent points. IDM really but would also mean that police would need to pull unmarked ifirts for things like this, as very few people in cops can pull ifrits so even if you go to gang wars as a cop in TFU you may not be able to pull an ifrit would would be pretty unfair.
  12. Snowb


    -1 its an rp server, with wz like it was money was not a thing. Also suck it up runs aint that bad nca need something todo Finally someone made a suggestion bout gang perks for something like this idk so go +1 that if you want extra cash
  13. why though, like legit pointless
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