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  1. I have friends I wanna play with before I go to uni soon, and I was being unreasonable and thought that there would be no effect if I said it in group, it was a honest mistake and kinda dumb but I keep to the rules all the time apart from these slip ups and I really like role playing.
  2. In-game name: Kawaii-Spazzolino :3 Steam ID: 76561198130521818 Date of ban: 09/05/19 Reason for ban: Racism Staff member that banned you: Automatic ban Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I didn't mean to offend anyone I used the nword in group thinking it wouldn't ban me Why should we unban you? Because I love a lot of role play experience and I didn't mean to interfere with anyone role play experience and ruined my own by being stupid. Plus I have a lot of friends on the server and I miss them dearly. this continues lapse in judgement is truly out of character for me.

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