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  1. Name:Baba Yaga Hours (With Screenshot):3788(PM will send link) Money (With Screenshot):8mil(PM will send link) Previous Gangs (If Any):None Any Vouches?:John, J4CK Do you know the rules?:Yes Which Rebel License do you have?:Basic Do you have Discord?:Yes Do you have a good microphone?:Yes Why do you want to join VenoM?: So far been fun experiences with the gang, good rp and fun. Been on the server a few days and being solo isn't fun. What Timezone are you?:GMT +0 How old are you?:19 Are you Active?:Yes but going to France for 2 weeks back on 1st of September
  2. BabaYaga

    Baba Yaga

    In-game name: Baba Yaga Steam ID: 76561198095786770 Date of ban: 08/12/19 Reason for ban: Hacking Staff member that banned you: Automated Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Yes its unjustified as i had RHS and other mods enabled for playing another server and accidentally joined into Reborn with them enabled. *Not 100% sure if RHS was on but thought could be why* Why should we unban you? It was a mistake that i had RHS and other mods enabled and they aren't hacks just a weapon mod for another server i play.

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