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  1. Cameron.


    Can you check if this is in your garage now as it may have been an issue at the time of you cutting it?
  2. Cameron.


    You need to wait until the report is accepted to put a compensation request up. Denied.
  3. After speaking to Brad this seems like a mistake more than anything, he tried to land and as you were about to rip him out he spun his tail rotor round to avoid it. Unfortunately this resulted in you dying and as he has offered to compensate you I suggest you two resolve this between yourselves; this seems like nothing more than a mistake to me. Let me know once this has been resolved between the two of you.
  4. Auction closed due to inactivity.
  5. Auction closed due to inactivity.
  6. Report resolved through compensation. Closed.
  7. @CandiBacon Has this been resolved?
  8. Once this has been resolved let me know @notwill @CandiBacon
  9. As this happened very close to the red zone itself, this could have well been a mistake on behalf of the reported. I will give them a chance to resolve this with you and compensate for your losses.
  10. Already unbanned. Closed.
  11. Cameron.


    2 day bans aren't appealable. Denied.
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