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  1. Aight Imma hit you up tomorrow SINCE I GOT BANNED FOR COMBAT LOG | Even tho it's fucking BS
  2. Ingame name : A D A M Hours on arma:1365 Roleplay skill: 100/10 About you: My name is Adam | I am 16 | I live in Israel | I am Russian Israeli | No Religion | Speak English, Russian, Hebrew fluently, Friendly, Great communicator , Decent + Combat skills , Map Markings, Sight , etc. RP background: Yeah not gonna write this What sort of gang are you interested in?: Decent 3+ Gang | Preferablly England | But everyone else is okay as long as you can speak English properly | Just a chill gang to enjoy with and be serious when needed
  3. Sgt.Adam

    Conflict Zone

    Okay great thank you very much
  4. Damn you're sick god stuff
  5. Sgt.Adam

    Conflict Zone

    How much money do you get for having 1 Zone | Or 2 zones | or 3 Zones in Conflict? and per how many minutes is it and stuff

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