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  1. I would say report him to the police, but the Botnet allows him to hide his IP and I doubt he wont have a VPN or Proxy of some sort. It annoys me how many script-kiddies DDoS and never consider the other end of it.
  2. Definitely DDoS. DDoS is an attack on the box either way.
  3. We all really appreciate the dedication and insane amount of work and hours that yourself and the development team put into the community unpaid. Good luck on fixing it, DDoS is always very tricky. Every week an extremely large company is in the news for DDoS attacks and they can often fix them due to an extensive team and the ability to move services and streach them accross hundreds of servers however, that obviously isnt possible here. Hopefully you can fix the issue and on behalf of everyone; thanks for dedicating yourself to fixing the issue and for helping the community.
  4. Really appreciate it, that was the goal of the post, just to see if there was a plan of any announcement
  5. 100%, Im sure they are all very busy on the issue right now. Thats why its so depressing that not much can be done to help it.
  6. Just made a post, explains as much as I can figure out on my own.
  7. Other than discord, no announcements have really been made on the topic. I realise developers are very busy right now with the issue, as they can be very difficult to fix - When available, will an official announement be made explaining everything and expected times the server will be back online? For anyone who doesnt know what DDoS is, let me help; DDoS, is where a number of IoT Devices, usually Infected Computers, Servers and so on are all given ocmmands to repeatedly ping an IP address in the hopes of overloading it. Precautions can be made against this, however I'ts very difficult to defend against. Aswell as this, DDoS required almost zero hacking experience. This is where the term 'script-kiddie' comes from. The people behind it are most like 'script-kiddies' who have found a Botnet online and are fingerblasting the server. TL;DR, Some kid has bought access to a Botnet and is using thousands of devices on the network to overflow the server in hopes of it crashing. Will we be getting any updates soon?
  8. Always sell a house after its broken into, move somewhere else. I always keep my house in the middle of nowhere and allow noone to know its location other than trusted friends.
  9. Node? Ive heard about it. Same lang thats used for Twitter bots. Python or JS

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