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  1. Unbanned. I trust that you will do what you have said above. I suggest you refresh yourself with the rules.
  2. 5. We only accept video evidence if it is under 48 hours since the offence. Anything longer, such as a week old video, will not be accepted as evidence. Denied. After a discussion with Chris Gaz he was 100% up to resolve it with you but as he was busy in-game he didn't have the chance. In that message sent by Chris he replied to you in around 11 minutes from when you messaged him.
  3. Cleared up the shit posting per request of Poster. As Thesoldier has said if it continues it'll lead to further punishment.
  4. What was the process of resolution from this?
  5. Denied Players already permanently banned for previous actions; this report will be noted on them.
  6. If you got annoyed at a group of rebels again what would you do differently?
  7. wow
  8. Woah woah as a trainer young man I expected more!!!
  9. What's this representation here then

    1. Benny


      repping it 

    2. Sanders
    3. Benny


      stfu it looks nice

  10. 318 replies.
  11. Maybe a system to show everyone In the car.
  12. 1. For RDM/VDM reports, we REQUIRE you show us at least 2 minutes of video before hand You have 24 hours to do so or the report will be denied.
  13. Action Taken Adam will receive a 24 hour ban for RDM. C 3po will receive a 24 hour ban for Poor RP.
  14. Denied Alt F4ing Isn't Instant; this shows him having no time to react with your low quality initiation. He had 2 seconds to comply and within that 2 seconds it disconnected him.

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