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  1. Accepted on as trial member Discord has been sent to you
  2. Dude poggy woggy could of joined supremacy (dead gang)
  3. okay luke calm it buddy stop blaming the server
  4. if you read up in the text and was not a stupid Ai following the rest of what everyone is doing you would know this was not a proper montage it was mocking the current gangs like cringe/Sinity and morrisons
  5. Masson bet tell your boy to calm it before I tell his parents to send him to sunday school
  6. we sat at cap points for about 30 mins no one game so don't try and come at us like that Olympus is dead
  7. why have you got to be soo salty man its a game One 2nd week we never killed each other to zerg the sign we have a home at west we geared up and slammed it simple that's how we had gear Two 3rd week we had 12 members online 10 of us were doing other things so we had low numbers in the first place Three Tommy c calling out one of our members for hacking is simply not true as if any of our members were hacking they would of been banned since we record every thing
  8. I am sorry but I see no one doing multidrug mid day and if this was to happen it would have to be like 2.6 mill a run and that would fuck up the eco due to the big gangs
  9. okay mason don't you have sunday school to go to ?
  10. have you even watched the "montage" its clearly a joke
  11. Masson that is kind of a dig at yourself yikes

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