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  1. PJJ

    Huren sell price.

    Ye must have been something like that since i last played. What is the reason for this price though.
  2. PJJ

    Huren sell price.

    O i must be remembering it wrong then. I'm pretty sure though it was at least a good amount of money. But my question was why is it so low compared to the buyprice? There is really no point in having the sell option at all at the minute.
  3. PJJ

    Huren sell price.

    So howcome my Huron is only selling for 1,5 mille? I used to always see the Huron as my backup money for if i ever ran out since it sold for like 10 mille. What happened?
  4. PJJ


    Legit post, no troll.
  5. [HATO] matt9216 my man

  6. hehe

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    2. PJJ


      @Kyle_ hi hihih


    3. Kyle_


      Hows it going buddy

    4. PJJ


      ey okay

  7. PJJ

    i | Immunity

    In game name: PJ Age: old Bank account balance: 15-20 mille Previous gangs: Interlude Hours on Arma 3 *screenshot: 4500 ish Why do you want to join Immunity? Wanna play the game with a active group. Can any members vouch for you? Andrew, Gareth. Bump

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