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Thanks for trying out the earlier time of Gang Wars! This was only a trial run, and will be back to 8pm - 12am next week!




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  1. Bidding closed @W1LLI will message you when online next as internet is being shite atm, congrats
  2. again if you are not here to bid then shoo
  3. In-game Name: Mr Constipation Steam ID: 76561198092835437 Date of the incident: 09/09/19 Time of the incident: 00:10 Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: AK12 with 10-20 75 round mags, Carrier Rig, Defender helmet, Survivor Fatigues, Bergen Backpack and pull out price of huron around £467,500 Please provide as much detail as possible: Got yellow chained then red chained, server regained connection and I lost all my gear, For some reason everytime I join reborn I have been getting a red chain but internet speed is fine with 60mbs download teamspeak and all other apps are fine except arma 3. Any Evidence Available: https://youtu.be/DNi6VaYJgrI
  4. If you are not here to bid then don't comment
  5. I do not know if I have the video anymore but if you look at the timestamp and logs you will see I was only killed once within the time of me landing athira and dying it you can see the timestamp and date on the image and video
  6. In-game Name: Mr Constipation Steam ID: 76561198092835437 Date of the incident: 09/06/19 Time of the incident: 15:50 Link to player report: N/A Lost Items and Estimated Value: AK12 With RPK Mags had around 12-19 mags in total around 396,875 Please provide as much detail as possible: Was flying my huron over Topolia then I get killed instantly Any Evidence Available: https://youtu.be/mLu9yo2mIZs
  7. In-game name: Mr Consipation Name of the player(s) you are reporting: 73192, 21568 and another Impure member Date of the incident: 09/06/19 Time of the incident: 18:05 What rule do you believe was broken: 1.7 Traffic Collisions 3.4 Hobo Initiations. 3.13 Poor RP/Initiating Any evidence available: https://youtu.be/UFIAuNOiM9Q Describe the incident: we was leaving greenzone, Impure then crashed into us and then said watch where you are going by doing this they admitted it was an RTC then they decided to Initiate on us while one of them not having a gun out they seemed to ignore the fact it was an rtc and decided to continue and give poor rp and execute us. also I would request that Joe W. is not to take this report as he was in the sit at the time. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. No
  8. Item: Police Hellcat Proof of ownership: Buy now price: 20 Million Starting bid: 10 Million (15 million minimum buy price) Minimum bid increment: 1 Million End date: 25/09/2019

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