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  1. As I am not a member of the European Union and not bound by its laws, can I start selling some underground Memes? 😎

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    2. majed


      xD @Thesoldier who is there to ban me now

      I miss you man 

    3. andrew.


      You not heard of brexit? 

    4. BOONE




  2. Thesoldier

    If you see a robbery at an Apple store, does it make you an iWitness?
  3. Thesoldier

    Make it that if it’s an active gun fight and you have a gun in your hand and are running around with it pointed, you are fair game if you’re just some person driving or someone trying to loot something by putting it on your back, you aren’t a threat. But if you take a stray bullet not aimed at you, it’s at your own risk unless the person deliberately shot at you
  4. Lmao 


    1. andrew.


      ahah yes! lmao!

  5. Thesoldier

    The ironic thing is one of the founders of this community got us all banned, and yet he is unbanned and considered a hero over there. Go figure...
  6. Any WarThunder players, just wondering if the French tanks/planes are worth it to keep going. I've gotten them to Rank 2, and I'm thinking of getting the french premium tank to grind out the line.

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    2. Thesoldier



    3. SFU Mastermind

      SFU Mastermind

      And premiums aren't really worth it unless you're looking to go above Tier 4, which for the French is abysmal right now

    4. Thesoldier


      The only prem I got was the tier I rank cause it was dirt cheap and I was able to grind out the entire first two ranks in 4 hours.

  7. Thesoldier

    Adster tried this with Ark, we had maybe 7 people playing at the most Him and I tried this again with Life is Feudal, we had 5 players at the most. We tried this again with Conan Exiles, again maybe 6 players at the most. People don’t wanna play the survival games, if you wanna finance it and do it, ask management about attaching the RR name to it. Rust had a small following, but in the end the population dwindled and it was shut down.
  8. People are actually being held accountable and the ban timers are being enforced

    i wanna come backkkkkkkk!!! 😱😱😱

  9. Happy birthday soldier 

  10. Thesoldier

    Glad you did all this work, but I’m still waiting for my moderator posistion just saying *hint hint nudge nudge*
  11. Those unban denials tho

    Image result for savage meme

    1. Fuel


      Just ran out of patience 

      I give people chance after chance, hopeing they will learn, they never do, the second you unban someone they go straight back to being the same as before

  12. Anyone else here into building model airplanes, I just found a 1/72 warbird for dirt cheap. Have some questions

  13. Thesoldier

    too late
  14. Thesoldier

    *Rejoins cops and makes it mission to take down Mafia*
  15. Thesoldier

    @DanCI will give you some constructive suggestions/criticisms and take them with a grain of salt. 1. Obviously I joke about the name "Camorra" as I associate it with Vampire the Masquerade. I think the Syndicate/Mafia/PMC was a bad idea. The island is Greek, so I think having an Italian based criminal organization is a little unrealistic. But I think if you want to be a high roleplay faction, you should instead go the route of a "Secret Society" or Fraternal organization (Free masons, Odd Fellows, etc...) in lieu of an Overt Criminal Organization. Your organization should be seen as an "Illuminati/New World Order" type where everyone thinks you secretly control Altis. 2. Instead of doing "Interest Forms" you should instead keep it all in roleplay. Have your core group of members, and when they run into people and interact, you should decide to try and recruit them. I think the whole "Fill out this form" then go try to recruit them ingame afterwards is tacky 3. Keep it pure RP, that way the "Rebel Lyfe" can thrive, and people who just want to pew pew have their choice.

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