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  1. @Willy Wiles I have unbanned your forum account, now onto your game account. Why should we let you back in this community fully, I've gone through your history and it's pretty much trolling.
  2. Thanks for everyone for playing Hunter/Hunted, it started a bit late because of the server restart that was needed an the HM bank job earlier this evening, congrats to the winners.

  3. Once my son goes to bed in a couple hours I will be doing an event called Hunter/Hunted based on the novel/movie the most dangerous game/surviving the game.


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    2. Reece


      Any time big doggo?

    3. Xero



    4. Thesoldier


      Other events as the night goes on. At the moment theres alot of gangs doing shooty shooty. 

  4. Approved 24 hour ban issued. However in the future please just show a video without the pauses and the commentary.
  5. Report rejected as the initiation was not proper and there was an active gunfight going on. HOWEVER Had there not been a gun fight, both players would have been banned for rule violations.
  6. Request timed out, however it was a 48 hour ban so it wasn't appealable anyway based on what you said before losing connection
  7. Hands up hands up hands up is not a valid initation. In order for me to issue a ban (and research if an active gunfight is going on) I would have to issue a ban on the person doing the initation as well. I don’t think you want that to happen. If you want me to continue researching this and investigating, regardless if andrewfam has Action taken against him or not, due to the blantant poor initation I will have to take action as well. Or as andrewfam says there was an active gunfight, maybe you two can sit down and talk to each other and come to a resolution. @AndrewFam any video or proof about an active gunfight going on.
  8. So it’s the weekend and the wife is working. Except some late night events after 11pm for those who are dedicated to stay up!

    1. Viozo


      What kind of events we talking about.

      I hope some quality RP will be involved!

    2. PaulS


      I thought we removed all the inactive admins ¬¬

    3. Lee


      Now that I'm back, I'll be there babycakes! 

  9. And can you explain your "it's called pulling the plug" comment?
  10. Just a friendly reminder from your old man admin. We have new admins that are learning, however.

    -We are human and unpaid volunteers

    -If you think we make a mistake or error in judgement please try to contact us and talk to us in an adult manner.

    -If an admin catches you, he/she has discretion on giving you a warning, or issuing a ban. If you are banned don't come and start bitching about it.

    -If you act like a child, you will be treated like a child. If you have an issue with an admin, but can speak like an adult, then by all means we will be civil and try to come to a resolution, depending on the totality of the circumstances.

    -If you give any of our admins unneeded abuse, I will personally hit you with a ban and you can explain yourself in a dispute and may or may not be getting unbanned


    Have a nice day.

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    2. Eagle
    3. Thesoldier



      your future unban request has been declined


    4. Eagle


      @Thesoldier haha hilarious you are sir u wait mr

  11. After speaking with the accused, I was sent the teamspeak chat. @Xero he offered to compensate you. <14:22:41> "Brandon": Well i came up and no one moved me<14:22:41> "Xero": [Auto Message] Hi Ill message you soon<14:22:57> "Xero": it doesnt mtter now have a lovely day<14:23:07> "Brandon": So no comp?<14:23:29> "Xero": oh now your willing to comp<14:23:40> "Brandon": I saw your message but i was busy doing something lmao<14:24:15> "Xero": you litterally said to me that I can go repor tyou<14:24:52> "Brandon": Well i didn't, that my was friend. And if you want comp say how much if not then it doesnt matter..<14:25:03> "Xero": 700k for the truck<14:25:08> "Xero": 500k for my loudout<14:25:25> "Brandon": You still have the truck mate and ill send you 500k.<14:25:33> "Xero": i dont see the truck<14:25:48> "Brandon": We're just doing a run with it then we wont cut and shut or chop.<14:25:57> "Xero": no<14:26:09> "Xero": you gained th truck from poor rp so im not accepting hat<14:26:19> "Brandon": I do not need to compensate for something you haven't lost mate. If you do not agree then you can report.<14:26:30> "Xero": I know but im saying bring it back<14:26:44> "Brandon": Well we're mid run so no thanks mate<14:26:58> "Xero": have a lovely day then and good luck<15:53:28> Chat partner has closed the conversation Decision reversed for failure to resolve, no compensation authorized.
  12. I'm sorry but yes there was a poor attempt at RP, but the cops tried to compromised, and he didn't want it. I'm sorry but you can't call out cops for bad RP when you yourself give them bad RP as well. RP is not "Hay I haz a wetsuit thats a special rubber suit that protects me from kyptonite, let me do illegal things, thanks!" Had he done amaze balls RP with google documents, and a good story behind it, and the cops still did this, I guarantee @Rage would be having heads roll.
  13. Approved 24 hour ban issued.
  14. I'm a scientist, I have a special wetsuit OMG LET ME DO MY ILLEGAL STUFFS
  15. Seriously in the 7 minutes I watched of this video, I came up with 2 RP scenarios that wouldn't require google documentation. 1. You could have RPed as a mad scientist who was kicked out of the Royal Altis Scientific Society because you wanted to conduct clandestine experiments that go against every rule and regulation turning Thorium into a clean energy source, and that the cops could have assisted you in a scientific breakthrough that could help humanity. 2. You could have RPed as Expert hazardous materials collector who was collecting a batch of high grade Thorium for a welding company, and that the company requested your services because the thorium is of such good quality it will increase their profit margins.

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