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  1. Maybe it should be more on a community vote and a term system so everyone gets a chance to try. maybe a 2 month term
  2. Now that I have a computer that can handle games I want to get into Star Citizen. Mustang alpha pack or Aurora pack?

    1. Brian Duncan

      Brian Duncan

      Let me know what the game is like, always wanted to try it but not sure if it's worth the price tag yet, it's been hyped a long enough time...

    2. ^Pingu


      Not even worth the money

    3. Brian Duncan

      Brian Duncan

      Which ship did you buy :o ?

  3. Soon

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    2. Thesoldier
    3. Free Bobby

      Free Bobby

      Yes Sir sorry sir! I dont want to go on the list sir plz no sir!

    4. Thesoldier
  4. I’ve always agreed I think some of the people who get whitelisted with the reason ”well yeah I did hack but I don’t hack here” shouldn’t be allowed. Its different if you get a false positive because a mod was enabled or you left cheat engine on, and those should be whitelisted.
  5. Could it be possible to have a script that the server opens up when Server 1 hits say 100 players, and if the player count goes below 70 or 80, Server 2 will automatically shutdown after the next restart?
  6. Kavala should be the capital/hub of all the roleplay activity for new comers. So I think it should be plentiful with shops, decorations, and should feel alive.
  7. All the smack talk about the iPhone X is fake news. It’s good

  8. status updates disabled is a fate worse than death
  9. Wife said I could buy a new gaming rig if I kept a monthly payment under $100...

    now she’s mad cause I bought a $2,700 computer with a 98 dollar payment instead of the $699 with a 30 dollar payment 

    1. Nexhy


      or stop being whipped & spend your money how you want

    2. Thesoldier


      yeah when you get married and have kids thats not how it works pal.

  10. tfw PaulS denies a unban request



  11. Whoooo!
  12. http://store.steampowered.com/app/658980/Valnir_Rok_Survival_RPG/ I picked this up in the winter sale, it's a little Ark/Rust/Survival game with viking themes. In Alpha right now, but it shows some promise. It's not a bad little game and the developers are very friendly on their discord server. Has quests you can do, and there are future plans to add more stuff such as more quests, bounty system, human sacrifice, etc.... It's only $10.00 right now.
  13. Neo promised many moons ago. An elephant never forgets
  14. I should show the darker side of being an admin and share all the “fuck you” Private messages I still have saved from people who have been banned. myself, battleeye, omligon, Jamz, mike O’Neil, Matt etc... took a lot of abuse and I think it shows some appreciation for the time we put in.
  15. For people who are no longer a member of the staff team (Support/Admins/Etc...) and who retired (didn't get booted for abuse/inactivity) Let us no see ads and have a video on a profile like a donation tag. Some of us may not play anymore, but we still hang out on the forums from time to time, and discord. Some of us also help out on Discord when people have questions in support (IE: Jamz)

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