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  1. I cannot make a determination from your 21 second video. If you wish for this report to continue I will need a 2-3 minute video per our guidelines. Your video cuts out when I heard "they're shooting at the heli" This evidence is not sufficent.
  2. I heard the initiation, however they were shooting tires it appears. Had you gotten out, and surrendered, and they shot you with no roleplay at all, yes this would have been RDM. As andrewfam said in the future I suggest you use earplugs. Also as your friend said in TS "THATS VDM" they were correct. If andrewfam wants to comp you, thats his choice. In the future if you think a rule violation has occured, ask the person into teamspeak and try to resolve.
  3. Oh the follies of bitcoin investment, invest $20, gain $200, take a $40 loss, gain $60.

    SORRY NEO my attempts to make this server money are like a see-saw roller coaster ride.

    1. Fuel


      well you need to speed it up, I need my Audi M3

    2. Thesoldier


      rome wasnt built in a day, and we talked about this. We agreed it was gonna be a BMW m5

    3. Fuel


      no it was either a BMW TT or an Audi M3

  4. After review of your profile and history, congratulations. You posted the most :poop: on the forums and average a poop emoji 2.3 per day.

    Here is your reward:

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    2. Thesoldier


      Banter pls no report 

    3. Hoggie


      wow soldier keep it up and i will give you a fucking warning point old man

    4. Thesoldier


      Fuck guess I gotta ban myself, post an appeal, and accept it. Shtttt

  5. Stop thread shitting it ends now. Anyway I do not agree with advanced rebel costing 20 million as that will discourage new players. I do agree that illegal licenses should have a staggered amount and that a marijuana license should cost less than a thorium license etc...
  6. Resolved.
  7. 12:41 PM (Side) Feyzii FJSDKOPJGAD]G 12:41 PM (Direct) Kappa_Venom // majed fraggin trident haha 12:41 PM (Side) Feyzii NICE FUCKING VALUE FOR LIFE 12:41 PM (Side) harlemm wtf was that 12:42 PM (Side) [39th RR] Supreme dunno, he just joined our channel 12:42 PM (Side) Majed gg 12:42 PM (Side) Majed nice frags 12:42 PM (Side) [39th RR] Ace. wtf IS that rdm about? 12:42 PM (Side) Feyzii majed, you didnt even value your life 12:43 PM (Side) Majed i did 12:43 PM (Side) Majed no one was behind me 12:43 PM (Side) Feyzii 3 v 1 12:43 PM (Side) Majed well that guy was masked and he was not same clothing 12:43 PM (Side) Majed so it was 2vs 1 12:43 PM (Side) Feyzii whatever this is why you dont get accepted to gangs you dickhead 12:43 PM (Side) Majed in rp mod 12:43 PM (Side) Majed so thats not unvalue 12:43 PM (Side) Majed ok come ts 12:43 PM (Side) Majed now 12:44 PM (Side) Majed you dont call me dickhead 12:44 PM (Side) Feyzii stfu After reading the chat log, I see you're angry, but you instigate it, and he doesn't do anything to warrant being called a dickhead or being cursed at. That's not how we resolve things. However watching the video, by all means I agree it was 3v1, but at the same time, you do not treat another player of this community like that, he has every right to play here as much as you do. Not bullying, but definitely not cool and should be a 24 hour ban for toxicity. However, as I would have to ban majed as well for his violation, I think it's best the following occur. Number 1: Fezyi apologise to Majed, and remember not to resolve like that, or you will be banned. Number 2: Majed as you broke a rule, I am going to order you to comp the losses from the guys you killed.
  8. I'm going to wait until I see the whole chat history before I make the final decision. Feyzi if any of your gang mates have videos/screenshots/chat logs, I'll accept them, but not testimony from them about just being there.
  9. @majed anything else from your side. Also Feyzi there's no point in getting angry at a video game like this, because all it does is make you look bad. By all means if he was talking smack, and you got angry I'll take that into consideration Since I can't read the whole chat, I am assuming it comes down to Majed broke the value of life rule, and it just became an argument?
  10. I can't pull up the chat history, but what's the full context of the conversation? Also @Feyzi ill listen to anything from your side.
  11. Withdrawn.
  12. If you want it to continue you will need to post a full video so I can see the full situation. Obviously if you didn’t consider it “resolved” you should have told them that. If you want it to continue I’ll need a full video, if you both want to talk in TS with a support member you can do that as well and try to come to a true resolution.
  13. Any truth to this Yeezy?
  14. Well you gave him no time to comply (Less than 2 seconds when he stops the car by the video count) regardless if you said without a weapon or with a weapon. Had he shot you, then obviously the roles would be reversed with a violation. However myself and WolfE were approached by Clixy about this situation, and we both agree this was poor RP as you gave the guy no time to comply But in order to be fair we are deferring this to @Andy James as he is a neutral party.
  15. You will need to upload a video at least 2-3 minutes long showing what happened before in order for this to continue

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