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  1. I think 10 minutes is reasonable
  2. Approved 48 hour ban for 2 violations
  3. That's the steam ID for Browny who was banned for exploiting the 3rd person camera and for acting like a child on the forums He made his bed, he can lie in it. He's not welcome back
  4. Dont blow it. I suggest you re read the rules Unbanned
  5. Are you going to keep getting mad at video games if we give you a second chance. Calling people faggots and niggers on side chat just because you may or may not have gotten RDMed is no way to act. If you can be adult you can play here.
  6. How you people knock it the fuck off with the thread shitting. It's a recruitment page, banter is one thing, but pointless arguing causing drama is another. Don't make me be the bad guy.
  7. Yeah really calling people "dumb" "legit stupid" I'm going through the chat logs, and you people need to stop getting so toxic over a video game. Video has no audio, but after seeing the evidence from synapse. Rejected.
  8. Glad you admitted your mistake but it's a blantant combat log. Since you admit it, I am only issuing a 24 hour ban in lieu of a 7 day ban as you have a previous violation this month Action Taken
  9. @Kappa Venom no more replies you've violated the forum rules. "Just being there" actually doesn't give you a right to post. If you're not the reporter or the person being reported unless you have a video or screenshot to post which proves or disproves an allegation you cannot get involved. If you have something you think the staff should know contact a support member. Also throwing out stupid passive aggressive comments in a report in the future will result in a forum suspension Locked pending review
  10. @Neo @PaulS
  11. I don't hear anything, but what you describe is hands up or die. I don't see any quality roleplay from both of you. Since this your first offenses, you're both being issued written warnings on your battlemetrics. You guys should know better than this. You're trying to rob a person with an assault rifle in front of two cops with bare minimum RP. Approved.
  12. That steam ID is not currently showing a ban in effect.
  13. I'll give you another shot. I suggest you reread the rules before playing again Unbanned.
  14. @--- all I hear is "HEY YOU HEY YOU HEY YOU HEY YOU HEY YOU GIMMIE THE GUN" You try to rob them while there's two heavily armed police inside a gas station, not to mention I don't see any high quality roleplay here. Are you sure you think this was good enough roleplay?
  15. Numbers were drawn for this week, and no one has won. The jackpot will roll over to next saturday. New tickets will be purchased, an incentive is now in effect. For every 5 tickets you purchase, you will get 1 bonus ticket!

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