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    1. then from that day on youv been spectating me all the time, giving me moast of the banns i have in my history and all the forum warings too witch are literaly irrelevant becuase i said in the msg that you deleted i was speaking for a freaind on a report that he had.
    2. my experience with outsyder has been the same, negative and not willing to listen to players.
    3. not mentioning neo r fuel but one of the problems here is admins and staff leads having big egos to people that have been banned wrongfully the only nice encounter with admins that i had was with @Ryans @Snowb @[email protected] these staff leads and admins are pretty much the only ones that listend to an issue that happend the rest ignored us or just said "well look into it" and 2 weeks later nothing happend,
    4. @oskin youd like this elttil guy
    5. without wz and fighting cpas ezt this community would be dead same as people log on oly for conquest, same as people log on for gta conflict same as gangwars, there isnt a lot of people in kav when gangwars are going on. my point is everyone logs on for fights, imagine now every server remuved there fights such as caps etz.. 75% of the people wouldent be even playing.
    6. mark.

      Super Warzone

      i dont know about this one
    7. Requirements: Age: Country: In-Game Name: - 1500+ Hours (exceptions can be made) - Financially Stable - Must be able to play Gang Wars every Saturday at 8-12pm (Unless you have a valid reason) - Must be willing to do Daily Banks - Be Active
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