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  1. Everything is possible, you just need to be good enough. I dont think it would helo as it would say "error: no vehicle" if u get passenger seated
  2. Sooo, can we have "font freedom" or is this not an viable option?
  3. Git guud nuub
  4. Let me just buy 2050 tickets And ill just set all the numbers thats 3 in a row possible? Ez monies
  5. Or were they?
  6. Sorry bit 2 expensive. Id rather have an hellcat than a strider (u can get tapped out with 6.5mm) honestly the worst mrap in the game
  7. Name: S 4 N 1 KSteam ID: 76561198372412067Number of tickets: 3Custom Number Picks (Write Random if you want a random pick): 6, 9, 21
  8. Half of this community have never been lagswotch yet they think people are doing it all the times. Just Stop.

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    2. Sanik


      @Neo you dont see, before the ban wipe they were doing it before most of them got banned, i highly doubt they will stop doing it.

      They all got blacklisted from most whitelisted factions after not even 1 day in them. this is the things that just get me going how a person can exploit clearly and just go away free and like "nothing" happened to them.

      A warning is not going to help, it would be better to ban them as they are clearly breaking rules...

      you also see him doing it again, after he see's @Simsy for the first time. in that video alone it shows him do it atleast 3 times, and he only gets a "warning" that doesnt even get on his record?

    3. Thesoldier


      Well Neo has decided to perm ban him, problem solved I guess. I was talking to him, but mangement decided to fufill your request.

    4. Neo


      next time deal with the correct method and not status updates. Pisses me off when people use them for attention.


  9. Hey guys, Jaconite here
  10. I dont belive the people can get caught, (Im not an admin so IDK) id just say that you could put up a comp request showing your gear and the incedent. If a person can accses that log it should be @Fuel. PS: sorry for breaking forum rules as i am not involved with this report, just tought it would be better to put up a comp request as the victim has no name of the reported...
  11. Am i the only one who wants to be a property developer? And play some miecraft with friends? @Jaconite?
  12. same thing
  13. (If it gets taken down I have it uploaded) @Jaconite
  14. Left nut is gone

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