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  1. maybe he didnt want to recomend you? E K C Z D E E E
  2. +1
  3. Fuck, stole my song, guess ill have to find a new one Nice frags though
  4. who is that bot? instead of pulldowns he has a pull up script
  5. Startung price is 2m m8
  6. fixed it for you
  7. <inappropriate2> kʌnt/ noun vulgar slang a woman's genitals.
  8. I mean, why have the script when you dont get banned for saying the N word all caps, but you get banned for saying First aid kit. Imo just report it if it offends you, you dont need to add it in the patch notes so people start abusing it, admins can see the chat on battlemetrics/rcon and ban people who say offencive things that is targeted to other people. Other then that +1
  9. Prob worth it as it is bulletproof at the back and it has thermals
  10. @Kev1
  11. In game name: Sanik Age: 18 Bank account balance: 8.5 mil Previous gangs: Listed below Hours on Arma 3 *screenshot: about 1.8k (shared over 2 accounts) https://gyazo.com/b9cc0b12080a6f5750a359e584d787eb https://gyazo.com/93c614c031e9c6a6cb80db7ec7808b74 Why do you want to join Immunity? Because i have both friends in the gang and i also want to get back into the rebel life Can any members vouch for you? Andrew, Connor, Walsh, Pablo, Damian (Maybe?)
  12. On GTA cops also have ghosthawks and titans. More restricted though.
  13. Should of killed him not die of him...
  14. Time for a cleanup on the suggestion tab? @Fuel

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      All under main suggestion tab and all are locked

      Ty, looks better now. xD

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