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  1. @Abdul_ top-quality R O L E P L A Y E R
  2. Add a jumpscript?

    1. Fury


      yes, jumpscript

    2. Mattheww


      just accept it and ill get you one

      Edited by Mattheww
  3. “Add a jumpscript” - Matthew

    1. Hoggie


      "denied like the 20 other times you've suggested it" - Fuel

    2. Mattheww


      “Denied” -Fuel plus he hasn’t given a reason yet. Also can MPU get 7.62 on the front of the mini gun speedboat

  4. Thanks Lord Carstensen
  5. "If they get added they are not getting removed again" - Fuel Denied
  6. You have gold selling perks
  7. just posting a cheeky shitty montage #dontroastmeplease
  8. id say: remove the LRPS people will then move to use the AMS (still can zero to about 2k with a mar-10 and 1.8k with a Cyrus) or make them either very hard to obtain (would take a long time to craft them) I hate to snipe and the LRPS makes it so easy for a person with a minimal amount of hours to snipe. make the AMS the "main sniper scope" and people will use this one. the AMS doesn't have nearly as big of an magnification which makes it at least a better option as a main sniper scope.
  9. What are you again?

  10. Its @jcbjoe working in it quite sure
  11. nvm, don't have an IQ above 140.
  12. Id say yes to one but no to 3 of them. They should be close to a vanguard owned area, aka HQ, checkpoint or airfield. This makes Vanguard being able to detect borderhoppers
  13. No he isnt
  14. Cus ur a sniper not a CQC person, fuck sake you snipe with an MK-200 LRPS

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