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  1. This is an unnecessary complaint you where all indeed in the same channel working together with the cops you new exactly what you where walking in to slave, I sat in the channel listening, It was very clear it was a joint op in the same ts channel, I even heard the words we are initiated so I'm not sure how much clearer you need it to be tbh.
  2. you had time when i was repairing your car five mins before hand and if you had calmed down and given an explanation rather than screaming abuse you would have had much less of a sentence or even been let go, you had ample chance to role play before this recording was taken and you know it, you had no intention of doing it from the start so lets not use that as an excuse for your poor role play , the officer concerned will be dealt with regarding his comments as they are not warranted but please lets not pretend you had any intention of speaking to any of us with any level of civility because you have already admitted you where in the wrong. I am speaking to you in a civil manner during the RP in this and tbh i don't mind a bit of aggressive RP but you took it to a personal level from the very start and there was no need for it, I would have been happier had the abuse been directed to the other officers giving bad RP but from the word go you targeted me and went too far as you have already said. I have nothing further to say regarding this tbh my complaint is valid end of I have never made a player complaint before and I'm pretty fed up I had too at all but what you did here is what i see Daily an enough is enough .
  3. @Thesoldier I tried to speak to him decently and I read him his rights he was offered and given food and water and at no point was i given any opportunity to role play at the very start of all of this to be honest so I was on a looser form the start and he clearly has admitted that in his comments above. we had previously tried to stop car and initiated correctly but he gave no space for role play what so ever from the start. I did got fed up with being abused towards the end of it if I'm honest but That being said I agree with you regarding the comments from the officer in the background that was not warranted.......it was Daniel that made the comments I'm not sure all of them where actually in game or just in the Channel. we can only role play with the standard given at the end of the day and we all got a little sick of him in the end as he had no intention of role play what so ever because it was denied flat.
  4. That had nothing to do with it you made threats to report me before the issue at the prison and accused me of rule breaking and didn't want to talk to me just be abusive the other situation although involved it did not relate to how you ended up there because of your own stupidity and poor RP.
  5. I'M Sick to death of poor RP tbh I have to survive on it as my PC needs replacing and even after a Community meeting where some common scene appeared to get spoken from the Gangs I logged on hoping for better things and surprise surprise nothing has changed baiting continues as soon as cops step out of the Green Zone etc, I asked all of you to report bad cops or bad RP from cops and i would gladly deal with it but it seems nothing is going to change unless people are reported. you are not the only one that resorts to being far more abusive than is reasonable. this is the very first complaint I have made in seven months because I brush most things off but tbh things are not improving levels of RP are awful and far too toxic and i don't believe any apology from you would be genuine to be honest. I was set to let you go after fixing your car without digging any further and if you had been polite you would have been driving away but your attitude and abuse is what escalated this situation so you hung yourself in the end and that's what lead to this so suck it up because I'm done with letting things slide now.
  6. you messaged me and said you where going to put up a player report and from that i naturally assumed you had no intention of resolving anything and you became increasingly toxic in your messages, but above is the proof you asked for about being wanted, after accusing me of rule breaking and lying about you being wanted.
  7. In-game name: BEERMONSTER Name of the player(s) you are reporting: c4m Date of the incident: 07/29/17 Time of the incident: 4.45PM What rule do you believe was broken: Poor RP and verbal abuse Any evidence available: http://plays.tv/video/597cabbcec3a87355e/vid Describe the incident: I stop a vehicle in Kavala as it had tires blown out I offered to repair it and the driver ran off , I then chose to impound it but he came running back and started being abusive. I then asked him if it was his car he replied yes and on checking the wanted list it was clear he was wanted as the recording shows. He drives off and we initiate many times and I run ahead to spike the remaining wheels where he is eventually tazed, C4m continues the abusive language and poor role play then becomes personal so i gave him a heavy sentence accordingly. C4m had no intention of role play of any kind in my opinion. We messaged on TS and he said he would put up a player report about me as i jailed him with no evidence and broke rules in sending him to jail, it was clear from his messages in TS he was going to continue to be Toxic so attempting to speak to him or resolve anything was not going to happen hence this player report. Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1094160685 further proof of him being on the wanted list after his request and accusing me of lying.
  8. As the car pull across on Rages video he has clearly gone past you this is not deliberate i dont think, he pulled in front with the intention of slowing down (not breaking ) , your video shows him alongside you so this is a game issue not a deliberate act to ram in my opinion. I don't believe you where arrested either he allowed you to leave due to the RTA so Its not as if he arrested you and abused the situation.
  9. they look awesome I love the Hunter ,,,I haev requested the Helli skin btw but if you email me the folders i will put them forward in the command meeting ...great job mate ! It is unlikely we will get the S hatch as its been refused on more than one occasion but the helli hunter and off road i have no issue in asking for it boys
  10. Savage is now a fully paid up member of the 180max club!
  11. He lured me in with talk of sweeties ! fun afternoon spent with one of the best Roleplayers this server has to be honest top lad
  12. we returned three sfu hunters on a patrol a week ago lol they had soo many of them , NCU hunters are rarely used unless really needed so much harder to get hold of as sven's shot clearly shows
  14. Jakamo all the way for Battleye !
  15. Responding to a simple dispatch bought so much fun , even just escorting these guys was a great change of pace and has added a breath of fresh air to the usual rubbish great RP and great fun Abdul you are a legend mate had me in fits

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