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    it has now reappeared in my garage, i apologize for the request! however my gear seemingly disappeared but i am not worried about that. Thanks for your time. - i now know to wait for a server restart before posting!
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    No it is not rented and is not in my garage, i payed the 300k price for buying.
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    In-game Name: Mike Steam ID: 76561198025389782 Date of the incident: 06/12/19 Time of the incident: 17:00 - 18:00 (about 5 min prior to this post not sure the actual time for server) Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: hemmt box with sulfur, not worried about the sulfur just the hemmt Please provide as much detail as possible: hacker blew up vehicle in middle of gunpowder run Also shortly after i had logged in (after hacker) i spawned in with none of my gear yet all my inventory items were there which wouldnt be possible because i have over max carry weight in items in y menu Any Evidence Available: linked below
  4. Name: Mike Hours on Arma 3 [Screenshot required]: 1877 Bank account balance [Screenshot required]: 150,000 Why do you want to join MS-13: I've talked to usman in game and he thinks i would be a good fit for ms-13 and told me to apply. Anyone who can vouch for you: usman Previous gangs: none
  5. Name: Mike Age: 21 Hours on arma 3: 1887+ Licences: firearms, weed, a few other legal licenses Money: 1.2m Why do you think you are a good addition to Wake&Bakee?: I really enjoy RP and feel like I could enhance the gangs experience along with my own as playing with an active group of people is always more enjoyable. I have experience with how arma gunplay works and would say i'm relatively good at combat however I am honest and won't say I'm the best. I am also very loyal when it comes to the right group of people and have formed many year-long bonds with other arma players throughout my game time. Are you able to attend an Teamspeak interview if needed?: yes Vouches: N/a

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