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  1. Loxton

    Starcraft 2

    Does anyone else play this game?
  2. All day? i just woke up you silly man :')
  3. None factual facts are a theory. Tidus reinforces that his fact is a fact. You call this an opinion and insult him. Its your opinion that his fact is an opinion based subject, when it is cold hard fact that Tidus has been major since before reborn was reborn. The irrelevancy of your claim, and the slander you spread on your weakly funded mission of corruption means nothing to people who actually know the truth. So please, pipe down children.
  4. Can be proved just as well as your irrelevancy
  5. There is only 1 true major of Altis! Major @Tidus All others are fakes
  6. if you want added to the list, put your teamspeak name in the a comment and that you would like to join, and ill edit the post for you to be on list, so we can message you on teamspeak when were making a lobby
  7. Playing custom games on league with 6-7 people currently, anyone else on the server wants to play or vs the group reply to the post. Currently playing: Loxton Redfez Tidus Lee Hartleo Jones Outlaw Jet Morris Tommy Robison Matthew darhk Jordd Jordann We play everyday or every 2
  8. Please, never again you owe me 5 minutes of my life back
  9. Nice 5 man kill, would have been better if they were fighting back Also, 9/10 of your kills are shooting a gap or at afk people :') Died at the end, finally someone fighting back :')
  10. no kisses now? feelsbadman
  11. change the music to something more fitting please,
  12. When you get the first poop emoji..

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