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  1. Loxton #Nochill ##Nofilter

    Gang Name: Blackout Active/Inactive: Active
  2. Loxton #Nochill ##Nofilter

    dont buy a standard one, wait for the pro its so much better
  3. Loxton #Nochill ##Nofilter

    Does anyone play this? I need someone to play it with
  4. God your getting old

    Happy Birthday🎂

    1. Loxton #Nochill ##Nofilter
    2. Daniel


      err I meant your young shit 

  5. Loxton #Nochill ##Nofilter

    Excellent Roleplay
  6. Loxton #Nochill ##Nofilter

    Problems fixed now
  7. Loxton #Nochill ##Nofilter

    If your having issues after the update with multi display or frames check your device manager and see if your display adapter is installed. Easy way to do this is to press Windows key + R and typing devmgmt.msc This is my device right now as i'm fixing it. The windows update has deleted my 1060 driver. If this is the case go to the manufacturing website for your graphics card and reinstall it, As while its like this you cannot multi display and you have no GPU.
  8. Loxton #Nochill ##Nofilter

    In-game name: Astrocrytomas Steam ID: 76561198000586910 Date of ban: 07/01/2018 Reason for ban: Bye Bye Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Yes, I have no idea what i got banned for, you banned me for bye bye on teamspeak, then ingame when i questioned you. The only thing i've said is you cannot deny legal representation in melantha's stream. Then logged on to protest your "ban" of me from PD Why should we unban you? I did nothing wrong, no explanation, no reply on twitch chat, there is no report against me, i have no fucking idea what you've banned me for. @Neo @Fuel
  9. Loxton #Nochill ##Nofilter

    Still waiting
  10. Loxton #Nochill ##Nofilter

  11. Loxton #Nochill ##Nofilter

    @Kai Cheng Delete the application and complete the process correctly please
  12. Loxton #Nochill ##Nofilter

    McTavish explaining why he's banned you
  13. Loxton #Nochill ##Nofilter

    Blackouts starting to grow. Not bad for legal people

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