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  1. i dont think you guys realise its not only me that holds that opinion gangs like garbo and us and british mafia were all unhappy i just posted the suggestion
  2. no offence to nocturnal as a gang but its a bit bad that they are able to own all three gang bases its not allowing any other large rebel gangs to really compete with them not really a suggestion I just know people aren't happy with this situation
  3. jack clarke


    In-game Name: Clarke Steam ID: 76561198214141595 Date of the incident: 03/20/2001 Time of the incident: 6:45 Link to player report: none Lost Items and Estimated Value: carryall rook and hemmet and backpack full of moonshine Please provide as much detail as possible: while we were driving the server started lagging when we got to the dealer the server yellow chained and crashed Any Evidence Available: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198214141595/screenshot/906779173775128165
  4. Name: Clarke (dannyboy) Age: 16 Nationality: English Hours on Arma: 293 Bank Balance: BROKE AF Why do you want to join ├ÿracle?: TOP Lads TOP Guns Top People TOP Base Top Life Who can vouch for you?: matt Yeezy Cameron Fighter
  5. Hiya mate sorry but could you explain why I was banned Ive looked and found I had some addons on but nothing out of the ordinary cup weapons and stuff the normal stuff for the exile server I play that any help
  6. In-game name: Tommy Falcone Steam ID: 76561198214141595 Date of ban: 03/20/1996 Staff member that banned you: i do not know Reason for ban: Im not Sure Why do you think you were banned: No reason for me to be Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: yes i haven't played the server i quite a long time I tried to log in today and the server was loading extremely slowly and as soon as the bar at the top loaded fully i received i message saying i was banned i have never glitched,hacked or exploited anything on this server so i proceeded to check if i was global banned i wasn't so i would like to if possible be unbanned if i cant i would like to know why If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: i wasn't Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: there wasnt Please confirm you've read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes
  7. jack clarke


    Been a bit busy mate I've had to do coursework and homework for school Ill get back on it tommorow
  8. jack clarke


    just an update i haven't contacted tom yet but i had absolutely no ideas for NBD's logo so i just did the first thing that came to mind
  9. haha thats not me mate thats the leader of the gang lol
  10. jack clarke


    Got the perfect idea hatter mate ?
  11. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are Diamond Dogs --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are a semi realistic role playing PMC Starting out in altis Created as a result of the devastation of the MSF the group's profession is commonly referred to as dogs of war. soldiers who were willing to carry out unsavory jobs for clients, while at the same time maintaining pride in their work --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- we offer contracts to anyone who may need something sorted out with a rather 80's fashion to top it off --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- we offer Assassinations Convoys Helicopter pickups Security Distractions Recon Mostly anything for a price of course The price of a contract is dictated due to the severity and importance of the job or target --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements: 200+ hours on arma Good role playing skills General knowledge of most skills in arma flying,driving,shooting etc Financial stability --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- By the way this post may seem a bit meme like however i only made it quickly it will be updated soon ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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