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  1. hazza

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    https://gyazo.com/9f0f68c393d61263e5abae34a50c3b17 @Rouglewe need to talk
  2. hazza

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    yet youre still online every day every hour every minute and every second
  3. hazza

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    https://gyazo.com/78ef9cc306c11479a491644a212147e7 gaming headphones
  4. name: harry age: 17 can you be on everyday: cant too busy on the forums hours: 99999999 on the forums 250 hours past two weeks on arma are you a nice person who can help us and take a joke: im from newcastle
  5. hazza

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    Gonna have to wait an hour or two i’m in college with big @athero.
  6. hazza

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    u can play my associate sent you the ts however I do want a verbal apology
  7. hazza

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    I have max repair perk to add to my CV and I am an excellent driver and dsync rammer. my favourite place to hold on cap is killswitch I’d be an excellent edition mate !
  8. hazza

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    Yh so you can decamp out the ifrit without being reported from ed
  9. hazza

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    personally think we need general tivroxx and general tavo
  10. hazza

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    blackwater disbanded? 🤔

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