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  1. Juicy

    Yeah I can get on for that
  2. Juicy

    Nope waiting on a time that we both can be on
  3. Juicy

  4. Juicy

    Mustafa when will you be on so you can give me comp?
  5. Juicy

    No, go look at the video I actual thought you were right so I went back and checked..... NOPE you shot me first not him.
  6. Juicy

    Mate!!!!!!!!!! The video clearly shows not I was the first to get shot at and hit first so stop lying
  7. Juicy

    Yes and when my friend ran out of the store your friend shot at me so how did he initiate on him when he was shooting at me?
  8. Juicy

    No sadly luke was not recording as he just spawned in. But you didn't because my friend ran out then you shot me first so you clearly did not give him enough time to react because the video shows how quick you are to shoot if you were to initiation on him then and who says I was with him What? what do you mean?
  9. Juicy

    So you are telling me you initated all the way over to me from that van but you still shot at me first??
  10. Juicy

    For what reason?
  11. Juicy

    As I have already said I have only shown the first part as that is what I am reporting you for. The first part clearly shows me getting shot first by you
  12. Juicy

    Oh my.... You can clearly see in the video you shoot me first then him. If I have to the full video will be shown but I have given my 2 mins to the report
  13. Juicy

    HAHaa mate the video shows you shooting at my car first did you actual watch it. Also "he also use some creative words" sounds like you have went on the rules to see if you are actual going to get banned all my video picked up was him saying "hands up" and my friend running and the me getting out realising there is no threat to life and driving away the I take shots??? Omg Have you saw the video you shot at me first then I get out and then the video does not need to go on as I am showing how you initiated
  14. Juicy

    Are you sure?
  15. Juicy

    What is your point? You shot and killed us after that initiation

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